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We've been celebrating Earth Month by exploring ways to go car-free out on the roads, but what about taking it to the dirt? Jodie's tickled to share her favorite pastime and get your wheels turning about how an eMTB can boost the fun in your next adventure!

There are plenty of benefits of choosing to ride more and drive less that are priceless - especially boosting health, happiness, and protecting the environment. But you might be surprised how much your wallet will thank you, too! Here's the nitty gritty about the money you'll save, how to take the sting out of a new e-bike purchase, and the OEB perks you'll enjoy down the road. 

As Earth Month continues, we're diving into 4 tips to help you drive less and ride more. It can be intimidating when you start swapping your bike for your car and the best way to boost your confidence is with these safety and functional essentials. 

Special guest Megan Ramey, Chief Traveler at Bikabout, shares her evolutionary journey to going car-free and tips for making the transition a breeze. Most people in America hear "car free" and think there's no way they could do it overnight and they are usually correct... 

April is Earth Month and we're celebrating all the incredible benefits of going car-free every Friday. Join us by ditching your car however you can (a trip to the grocery store, a whole day, or all month long) for your chance to win a $350+ prize pack!

These Pegasus beauties just landed and talk about bang for your e-bike buck! When you add a dose of sweet savings to these versatile commuters with solid components, the hardest part of Riding Happy will be deciding which one is right for you. We're here to help!

E-Cargo bikes make the mundane extraordinary. When every errand becomes an adventure, you'll jump at the chance to ditch your car and hit the road on two-wheels! To hop on the e-cargo train, you need choose between the two main types of bikes: Longtail or Front Loader. 

Picking out your dream ride is only the beginning of your e-bike journey. Next is keeping it running smoothly for the long term! We've designed the Ride Happy Club Service Perks for our e-bike customers to do just that...

Born in Camarillo, CA in 1978, Diamondback designs and builds bikes for explorers, dreamers and doers... a perfect fit for our customers! We're proud to offer their brand new line of electric bikes and are here to give you a rundown of the three 28 mph models we've been buzzing about.

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