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Spring is upon us... the flowers are blooming and the trail riding is about to get epic! With great eMTB fun comes great responsibility. Whether you're hitting the trails for the first time or a seasoned pro, brushing up on etiquette basics will make us tiptop ambassadors for eMTBs and our trail access can continue to grow. 

A feast for the eyes and a dream to ride! With a low step-through to get on and off with ease, wide tires, a front suspension fork, relaxed posture, the Ultimate C380 raises cycling comfort to new highs.

Ker-clunk... the dreaded sound when you try to shift gears and instead your chain drops off the chainring. Don't despair! Follow these steps, add a dash of patience and finesse, and you'll be Riding Happy again in no time. 

Two batteries, two times the range! Gazelle's all new dual battery option extends range to suit adventures of any magnitude. Now available for $999! Includes 500Wh battery, kit and install with new bike purchase. With 1000Wh at your disposal, you'll be riding twice as far!

Tern offers a variety of electric cargo and folding bikes along with every accessory you could possibly need to get the job done. What job is that? It's different for everyone! Here are a few accessory packages for the HSD model to get your wheels turning... literally.

People for Bikes has made it super easy encourage your representative to co-sponsor the E-BIKE Act - just fill out a few fields and check off your good deed for the day. ⁠ What is the E-BIKE Act? "It would relieve 30% of the cost (up to $1,500) of a new electric bicycle for consumers. Electric bicycles have the ability to displace car trips by keeping people moving with efficiency and ease, no matter their age or physical abilities..."

Our e-mountain bikes come standard with tubes inside the tires.  Converting to tubeless sheds the extra weight and reduces the possibility of the dreaded flat out on the trail. It also lets you ride with lower tire pressure, which adds to your comfort and increases your grip. When it comes to eMTB upgrades, this is one of the best investments to keep you Riding Happy!

We are smitten the brand new 2021 Riese & Müller Charger3. This bike was already the cream of the crop, but this year's updates turn up the dial to *chef's kiss* phenomenal.  This is the GT Vario HS and it boasts the Bosch Speed Motor assisting up to 28mph, Eviolo continuous shifting system, and Gates carbon belt drive. This is the Mixte frame with a lower top tube, an excellent choice for petite riders.

Bosch is the leader in electric bike drive systems - yes, that’s the motors, batteries, and controllers - and they’re constantly innovating for maximum performance and battery life.  There are so many reasons we love Bosch... here are three different perspectives from around our shop.

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