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Ready to take running out of juice OFF your list of worries? Adding an extra battery to your bike will ease your range anxiety and extend your e-bike adventures. From calculating your range with a handy online tool, ordering a custom e-bike or retrofitting your current ride with a bonus battery, here's a rundown of how to double your freedom!

What's in a name? In the 2022 Scott eMTB lineup, a whole lot! From top of the line carbon enduro rigs with the new Bosch Smart System to easy-on-the-wallet hardtails to explore trails, Bugs and Jodie decode the collection to unlock the perfect ride for your needs. 

"Omnia" means "everything" in Italian and Bianchi's new lineup of e-bikes has a model for every type of rider. The T-Type's all about making your touring adventures dreamy with Bianchi's signature elegance and a dash of MTB DNA. 

One of the best parts of e-biking is the beautiful electric boost. That's what pancakes the hills, gives you a constant tailwind, and make hauling any cargo load a breeze! Where that boost comes from - the middle "Mid Drive" or wheel hub "Hub"- makes a big difference in your riding experience. Let's dive into why...

The next generation of e-bike racks is officially here. The new Saris Door County solves the two biggest complaints about transporting our precious two-wheeled cargo; lifting a hefty bike up onto a rack and...

Last week, we learned how to show your e-bike some love to prep for riding season, but what if you don't have an e-bike that you're committed to?! Wherever you are in your riding journey, here are three fresh ways to stoke the flame...

“I LOVE my Riese & Müller eBike*! I bought "the hauler" so that I could transport my groceries, produce, berries and eventually, my grandchildren. This bike is stable, comfortable, easy to ride and FUN! 

Building your custom Riese & Müller dream bike from scratch is exciting, but choosing from the wide variety of options can be overwhelming. Here’s everything you need to know to optimize your new e-bike so it perfectly suits your needs.

"My R&M Nevo 3 does it all, errands, commuting, pleasure ride. Want to exercise or just cruise? No problem. Pick which you want at any time independent of the terrain." - Warren M.

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