The Ultimate All-Purpose eBike: Scott Sub Cross eRide

Jodie standing with Scott Sub Cross eBike

The Ultimate All-Purpose eBike: Scott Sub Cross eRide

Dreaming of one e-bike that ticks ALL the boxes? Well, wake up because the Scott Sub Cross eRide is here and ready to roll! Whether you're just starting your riding journey or want to streamline your collection, this ebike is the epitome of versatility and performance. Commute to work with ease, take a leisurely cruise, or explore gravel roads and smooth trails - any terrain and every scenario is at your fingertips!


The Choice is Yours

There are two models and three frame offerings in the 2024 line: the Sub Cross 20 EQ available in Mid-Step and High-Step frame or the more pared down Sub Cross 30 Low-Step. Whichever you choose will offer optimal comfort with a suspension fork, adjustable stem, and ergonomic saddle. The Bosch drive unit and PowerTube battery are fully integrated into the alloy frame for sleek and seamless design with bonus points for the ability to upgrade for longer range! 

Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 EQ Mid-Step eBike

1. Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 Mid-Step EQ 

Equipped with the Bosch Performance CX drive unit with 85Nm torque and 500Wh upgradeable battery, this mid-step beauty shines on the Hood River hills around our shop. The new Bosch Smart System has a slew of handy features including the eBike Flow App, ergonomic LED remote, and the Protect System with Alarm and Lock modes all on the sleek and intuitive Intuvia 100 display. This model comes stocked with all the commuter-friendly accessories you need with fenders, kickstand, and a handy rear rack. 

    Shop the Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 Mid-Step EQ for $3,399.99

    Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 EQ High-Step eBike

    2. There's a High-Step option, too!

    Step up your game with the Sub Cross eRIDE 20 EQ High-Step. It's got all the bells and whistles of the Mid-Step version, but with that extra sporty top tube factor. Who says riding in style can't be easy?

    Shop the Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 EQ High-Step for $3,399.99

    Scott Sub Cross eRide 30 EQ Low-Step eBike

    3. Scott Sub Cross eRide 30 Low-Step

    For a more pared down bang for your buck option, the Sub Cross 30 is the way to go. The Bosch Active Drive Unit has 40Nm of torque for more mellow climbs and a 400Wh upgradeable battery that's plenty for shorter commutes and adventures. The Purion display is super easy to use (check out our How To video here) and you can always add the commuter accessories, lights, or Smart System down the road.

    Shop the Scott Sub Cross eRide 30 Low-Step $2,699.99

      The Scott Sub Cross eRide isn't just an ebike; it's your ticket to all the epic adventures and daily cruises you've been dreaming of. Don't take our word for it—hop on and experience the magic for yourself! Come by our Hood River shop for a test ride or reach out for a consultation by

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