Riding the Wave: Embracing eMTBs for Everyone!

Riding the Wave: Embracing eMTBs for Everyone!

Riding the Wave: Embracing eMTBs for Everyone!

In the ever-evolving world of biking, electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are changing the game for riders of all kinds. Four team members here at the shop dive into the VERY different ways eMTBs are shaking things up in their lives. Whether you're after a quick outdoor fix, breaking stereotypes, reigniting the spark, or just need a reliable ride for the daily grind, an eMTB might be just the ticket!

Jodie Gates, The Busy New Mom Embracing E-MTBs for E-veryone!

1. Family-Friendly Adventure with Jodie Gates

What's Jodie's secret to managing the juggling act of family life and her love for mountain biking? While she still gets a kick out of her old-school 'acoustic' mountain bike, her eMTB is the key. With the electric boost, she ditches the car, goes straight from home to the trailhead, rips out a quick lap, and is back hanging with the kids in just two hours. And it's not just about the workout - Jodie's loving the outdoor joy and building a crew of eMTB buddies.

Jodie's Take: "Still a great workout, joyous time outside, and a growing number of friends to ride eMTBs alongside!"

Amy Hunter-Dillinger, Ex Pro Bike Racer on switching to electric

2. Breaking Stereotypes with Amy Hunter-Dillinger

Amy, an ex-pro cross-country racer, is on a mission to debunk the myths around eMTBs. She's all about spreading the good word that these bikes aren't just for the lazy or non-athletic types. Amy is flexing her riding muscles and showing that bikes are for everyone, regardless of background. From teaching newbies the ropes to using her eMTB for everything from grocery shopping to leading group rides, Amy's on a mission to break the chains and ride free.

Amy's Wisdom: "Bikes allow me to be part of a free and inspired life. When I ride my bike I have clarity."

Haney Jones on E-Bike Commuting and Recovery

3. Commuting and Recovery with Haney Jones

Haney has turned his eMTB into the ultimate commuting and recovery machine. With a 10-mile daily commute and an 800-foot elevation, he's tackling steep climbs like a champ thanks to the CX motor torque. And the mods? Commuter tires, a kickstand, and a stripped-down cockpit for that sleek look. Haney's making his eMTB work for him, whether it's the daily grind or ripping up the trails.

Haney's Scoop: "This is my first eMTB and it enabled me to keep riding while recovering from a knee injury."

Amy Black eMTB Adventures

4. Reigniting the Spark with Amy Black

Amy shares her journey of reigniting her passion for mountain biking during the challenges of the COVID era. When travel restrictions put the brakes on her global adventures, Amy's motivation to ride dwindled. Enter the eMTB - the game-changer that transformed her local trails into a whole new experience. Amy found a renewed love for riding, embracing the flow on climbs and gaining confidence on descents, doubling her riding distance and packing gear for local overnight adventures.

Amy's Revelation: "The eMTB not only renewed my love for riding (and riding fast!), it also slowed me down to truly appreciate where I live in a whole new way."

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