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Why We Love Bosch

Bosch is the leader in electric bike drive systems - yes, that’s the motors, batteries, and controllers - and they’re constantly innovating for maximum performance and battery life.  There are so many reasons we love Bosch... here are three different perspectives from around our shop.
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E-Bike Review: NEW Gazelle Ultimate C8 vs C380

We are rolling into 2021 with two brand spankin' new e-bike models from Gazelle.  To say we've been anxiously awaiting their arrival would be an understatement! Let's dive into the tech we're most stoked about, review the tried and true features, and answer the big question... which one is right for you?
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January Special - Dinner's On Us!

When you buy an e-bike this month, we’ll treat you to $100 at your choice of our favorite local eateries. Not only do we LOVE their food, these businesses are also our neighbors, customers, and friends. Whether you're a regular or branch out to try something new...
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