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Dropped Bike Chain? 4 Simple Tips to Get it Back On

Ker-clunk... the dreaded sound when you try to shift gears and instead your chain drops off the chainring. Don't despair! Follow these steps, add a dash of patience and finesse, and you'll be Riding Happy again in no time. 
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Double your range with Gazelle's Dual Battery Upgrade

Two batteries, two times the range! Gazelle's all new dual battery option extends range to suit adventures of any magnitude. Now available for $999! Includes 500Wh battery, kit and install with new bike purchase. With 1000Wh at your disposal, you'll be riding twice as far!
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Build Your Own Tern HSD Cargo Accessory Adventure

Tern offers a variety of electric cargo and folding bikes along with every accessory you could possibly need to get the job done. What job is that? It's different for everyone! Here are a few accessory packages for the HSD model to get your wheels turning... literally.
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