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Smooth Starts: How to Get Rolling on Your Electric Bike

When I first started riding my electric cargo bike, I quickly realized that getting started from a stop requires a bit more finesse and practice than a regular bike. If you've ever stalled at a 4-way stop with everyone watching, unsure of how to get moving again, you know the frustration. Fear not—those awkward moments will soon be a thing of the past! Whether you're riding an electric cargo bike, a standard bike, or are new to cycling altogether, these six essential tips will help you start rolling smoothly and confidently.
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Staff eBike Spotlight: John's Benno 46er

The Benno 46er is a head-turner with its sleek lines, vibrant color options, and the giant smile it consistently puts on its rider's face. Our new Service Manager, John, recently took it out for an adventure. Let’s delve into whether the ride lives up to its looks. Spoiler alert… it absolutely does.
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Staff eBike Spotlight: Haney's Tern HSD

Haney is the latest OEB team member to become a Tern HSD enthusiast. He has a pretty substantial commute to work that navigates big hills and fast straightaways. Beyond that, he rides around town for errands and date nights, often with a passenger on board. So, let's dive into what made him a convert!
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