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Picking out your dream ride is only the beginning of your e-bike journey. Next is keeping it running smoothly for the long term! We've designed the Ride Happy Club Service Perks for our e-bike customers to do just that...

Ker-clunk... the dreaded sound when you try to shift gears and instead your chain drops off the chainring. Don't despair! Follow these steps, add a dash of patience and finesse, and you'll be Riding Happy again in no time. 

Our e-mountain bikes come standard with tubes inside the tires.  Converting to tubeless sheds the extra weight and reduces the possibility of the dreaded flat out on the trail. It also lets you ride with lower tire pressure, which adds to your comfort and increases your grip. When it comes to eMTB upgrades, this is one of the best investments to keep you Riding Happy!

Bosch is the leader in electric bike drive systems - yes, that’s the motors, batteries, and controllers - and they’re constantly innovating for maximum performance and battery life.  There are so many reasons we love Bosch... here are three different perspectives from around our shop.

Temps are dropping, but that doesn't mean your comfort and miles on the bike should! These three cold weather tips will keep you AND your battery riding happy through the winter months.

How fast do I want to go? Where am I allowed to ride? What are e-bike “classes?”

There are a lot questions about the different speed and motor options available and this Tech Tip Thursday, Matt and Jodie have answers! Budget, regulations, myths, and more... here's a rundown of the pros and cons to help you choose the e-bike that ticks all your boxes. 

There are three types of frames to choose from when deciding on your new e-Bike. This Tech Tip Thursday, Jodie and Matt are here to reveal the highs and lows of each so you can ride happy on the e-bike frame style that works best for you. 

All at 38 pounds or less, the city and gravel lineup from BMC has us grinning from ear to ear! The Alpenchallenge Amp line from BMC Switzerland pr...

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