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Embarking on the thrilling journey of investing in an e-bike? This comprehensive guide is your perfect starting point. Despite the e-bike concept dating back almost 130 years, recent decades have witnessed a rapid evolution in technology, providing consumers with a diverse range of options. From innovations like the Bosch Smart System connecting to your smartphone to anticipating what the future holds, this article explores key questions to transform your e-bike investment into an enjoyable experience.

Purchasing your first e-bike can be just as exciting as buying your first car and can open up a whole new world that a traditional bike just can’t offer. In some cases, it can replace a car! As e-bike popularity and the technology associated with those systems advances at a rapid pace each year, it's important to stay informed and know exactly what your hard-earned dollars are buying.

An extra hour of evening daylight, warmer days, dryer pavement, and tacky dirt are incoming! Been hibernating this winter? Less than stellar fitness and neglected repairs can put a damper on early season riding. Spring into action with these quick tips to avoid missing a single sunny adventure.

Minimal and compact, the Purion has all the essentials in a slick design that allows you to hang onto your bars while you use it. Here are the basic commands and a few Pro Tips to get you rolling!

Whether your new e-bike has the all new Bosch Nyon display or you're considering an upgrade... welcome to the future! It's next-level in connectivity and boasts a ton of incredible tech and features. Here's a quick tour of everything you need to start Riding Happy ASAP.

What's worse than getting a flat while out on the trail? Having to WALK your e-bike out because you don't have these ride-saving essentials. Drop everything and load up on the top 5 things to pack every time you hit the trails.  

Feel like you're speaking a whole different language when shopping for an electric mountain bike? Cue the AP calculus flashbacks! Let's break down these key numbers to find the perfect e-bike to boost your confidence and comfort out on the trails.

One of the best parts of e-biking is the beautiful electric boost. That's what pancakes the hills, gives you a constant tailwind, and make hauling any cargo load a breeze! Where that boost comes from - the middle "Mid Drive" or wheel hub "Hub"- makes a big difference in your riding experience. Let's dive into why...

Picking out your dream ride is only the beginning of your e-bike journey. Next is keeping it running smoothly for the long term! You might have questions... What to expect during the first 30-60 days? When should you connect down the road for future service needs? We have answers...

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