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Every member of our knowledgeable team has a unique passion for the sport and genuinely enjoys coming to work each day.

Jodie Gates

President & Cargo Connoisseur

Brendon Gallant

Co-Manager & Gravel Fanatic

Amy Hunter-Dillinger

Sales, Cross-Country & Commuting Queen

Haney Jones

Sales & Swiss Army Bike Specialist

Evan Hylland

Service & Haul-it-all Authority

Amy Black

Marketing & Dirt Daydreamer


To change the world and the way you move through it with the power of e-bikes.  From connecting with your dream ride and gearing up for success to providing expert service support down the road, we’re here to guide you on your journey to Ride Happy.


It was an “Aha” moment. While Founder and President Steve Gates was undergoing chemotherapy, he needed an extra boost to keep riding Hood River’s hilly roads and trails. After he purchased an e-bike, his wife wanted a touring e-bike to join on his adventures. Then his eldest daughter wanted a cargo e-bike to cart around her 3-year old and his youngest wanted an eMTB to get more laps on the trails. The lightbulb went off as Steve saw an opportunity to combine his passion for e-bikes and commitment to improving our community. After 30 years in the watersport business (visit our sister company Big Winds), he knew the recipe for success: passion, knowledge, and service.

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