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Looking for a "Goldilocks" eMTB that can conquer a variety of trails for miles and miles paired with show-stopping good looks? Look no further than the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140! With 140mm of travel, a 625Wh battery, Bosch CX motor, and two slick colors to choose from, your singletrack wish is its command. 

What's worse than getting a flat while out on the trail? Having to WALK your e-bike out because you don't have these ride-saving essentials. Drop everything and load up on the top 5 things to pack every time you hit the trails.  

Feel like you're speaking a whole different language when shopping for an electric mountain bike? Cue the AP calculus flashbacks! Let's break down these key numbers to find the perfect e-bike to boost your confidence and comfort out on the trails.

Mountain bike rides come in all shapes and sizes - from the short and sweet lunch lap to the pedal-all-day, pack-an-extra-battery epic adventure. For every ride there's the perfect bag to haul what you need and Amy's here to share her favorites from Ion's lineup.

Ready to take running out of juice OFF your list of worries? Adding an extra battery to your bike will ease your range anxiety and extend your e-bike adventures. From calculating your range with a handy online tool, ordering a custom e-bike or retrofitting your current ride with a bonus battery, here's a rundown of how to double your freedom!

What's in a name? In the 2022 Scott eMTB lineup, a whole lot! From top of the line carbon enduro rigs with the new Bosch Smart System to easy-on-the-wallet hardtails to explore trails, Bugs and Jodie decode the collection to unlock the perfect ride for your needs. 

The next generation of e-bike racks is officially here. The new Saris Door County solves the two biggest complaints about transporting our precious two-wheeled cargo; lifting a hefty bike up onto a rack and...

New for 2022: two top-of-the-line Cube eMTBs battling it out for a coveted spot as your adventure steed. Let's chat perks, upgrades, and what to consider before you make that age-old MTB decision between a full suspension and a hardtail. 

When the weather outside is frightful, this quick post-ride routine will keep your e-bike looking good, running like a champ, and help you two get to know each other better. Brendon's here to walk you through exactly how to do it. 

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