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Ready to explore amazing landscapes, savor delicious local food and drinks, and relax in stylish, cozy cabins? We've mapped out the best overnight ebike adventure complete with our favorite pit stops, scenic overlooks, and refuel stations, no roughing it required. So pack up your toothbrush, reserve your ebike, and let's go!

Ever come to a stop on your ebike and can't quite get moving again? Those awkward moments will soon be history! Whether you're on an electric cargo bike, traditional bike, or are new to cycling altogether, these six essential tips will help you get rolling again.

The Benno 46er is a head-turner with its sleek lines, vibrant color options, and the giant smile it consistently puts on its rider's face. Our new Service Manager, John, recently took it out for an adventure. Let’s delve into whether the ride lives up to its looks. Spoiler alert… it absolutely does.

Haney is the latest OEB team member to become a Tern HSD enthusiast. He has a pretty substantial commute to work that navigates big hills and fast straightaways. Beyond that, he rides around town for errands and date nights, often with a passenger on board. So, let's dive into what made him a convert!

Gravel riding is all about adventure and taking the road less traveled. Cruising along, surrounded by nature, kicking up dust on your expedition. And adding electric assist to the equation means you get to explore further and enjoy a constant tailwind! Here's why we're so giddy with gravel...

In the jam-packed world of electric bikes, finding the perfect ride that balances function, comfort, and performance can feel like a daunting task. We love sharing in-depth insights into our fave products to help you make the best decision and connect you with the perfect ebike for your needs. Here's an exclusive review of the Riese & Müller Load 4 60 HS Touring Front Loader crafted by one of our ebike aficionados, Amy.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you get around? Join us for the Earth Week eBike Experience April 15th - 20th! For the week leading up to Earth Day, immerse yourself in the electric biking lifestyle to discover the countless benefits of eco-friendly transportation. 

Gasoline powered vehicles will disappear just like the dinosaurs. It will probably take decades, but it’s gonna happen. Yes, electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and that’s great! But we are an ebike dealership - hint, hint, nudge, nudge - so, with that said…

In the ever-evolving world of biking, electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are changing the game for riders of all kinds. Four team members here at the shop dive into the VERY different ways eMTBs are shaking things up in their lives. So whether you're after a quick outdoor fix, breaking stereotypes, reigniting the spark, or just need a reliable ride for the daily grind, an eMTB might be just the ticket!

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