E-Bike Battle: Gazelle Arroyo C5 or Avignon C380

E-Bike Battle: Gazelle Arroyo C5 or Avignon C380

E-Bike Battle: Gazelle Arroyo C5 or Avignon C380

When it comes to e-bikes, the renowned Dutch brand Gazelle is almost synonymous with comfort. We have two exceptional models to choose from today: the beefed up Arroyo C5 and the off-road ready Avignon C380. Let's dive into the details to help you decide which suits you best.


1. Gazelle Arroyo C5 - Affordable Comfort

The Gazelle Arroyo C5 is all about delivering top-notch comfort without breaking the bank. This e-bike is an affordable option, considering the impressive components and motor it offers.

Gazelle Arroyo C5 Electric Bike

Key Features:

  • Gates Belt Drive: Say goodbye to traditional chains with the durable Gates belt drive, ensuring a smooth and low-maintenance ride.
  • Shimano Nexus Internally Shifting System: Effortlessly change gears with the internally shifting system, providing a seamless and reliable experience.
  • Bosch Performance Line Motor: The powerful Bosch Performance Line Motor with 75 nm of torque provides you with the boost you need to conquer any terrain.
  • 500 Wh Battery: With a 500 Wh battery, you can enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of power.
  • Switch Handlebar System: Customize your riding position with the convenient switch handlebar system for an ergonomic and comfortable experience.
  • Intuvia 100 Display: Stay informed with the Intuvia 100 display, which provides essential information about your ride.
  • Affordable Price: The Gazelle Arroyo C5 is budget-friendly, priced at just $3,999.

Shop the Gazelle Arroyo C5 HMB Elite for $3,999

2. Gazelle Avignon C380 - Off-Road Ready Comfort

If you're looking for the ultimate comfort with off-road capabilities, the Gazelle Avignon C380 might be your perfect match.

Gazelle Avignon C380 E-Bike

Key Features:

  • Enviolo Continuous Shift System: Enjoy seamless gear changes every time with the Enviolo continuous shift system.
  • Bosch Performance Line Motor: Like the Arroyo, the Avignon boasts the powerful Bosch Performance Line Motor with 75 nm of torque to handle any terrain.
  • 625 Wh Battery: For longer adventures, the 625 Wh battery ensures you have the energy you need to keep riding.
  • Wider, Beefier Tires: Take it off-road with confidence.
  • Wide and Low Step-Through Frame: Easy on and off access.
  • Switch Handlebar System: Customize your riding position for a comfortable journey or for easy sharing.
  • Intuvia 100 Display: Keep track of your ride with the Intuvia 100 display.
  • Premium Comfort: For a more advanced experience, the Gazelle Avignon C380 is priced at $4,999.

Shop the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB for $4,999

Gazelle Arroyo Electric Bike

In summary, both e-bikes offer incredible comfort and are powered by Bosch Performance Line Motors. The key differences to consider are:

  • Battery Capacity: The Avignon comes with a larger 625 Wh battery, making it ideal for longer rides.
  • Tire Size: The Avignon's wider, beefier tires are designed for off-road adventures.
  • Price: The Arroyo is the more budget-friendly option, while the Avignon offers a premium experience at a higher price point.

Your choice ultimately depends on your budget and intended use. If you're looking for a comfortable and affordable ride, the Gazelle Arroyo C5 is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you crave premium comfort and off-road capabilities, the Gazelle Avignon C380 is the e-bike for you. Happy riding!

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