E-Cargo Showdown: Front Loader vs Longtail

E-Cargo Showdown: Front Loader vs Longtail

E-Cargo Showdown: Front Loader vs Longtail

E-Cargo bikes make the mundane extraordinary. When every errand becomes an adventure, you'll jump at the chance to ditch your car and hit the road on two-wheels! To hop on the e-cargo train, you need to choose between the two main types of bikes: Longtail or Front Loader. 

1. Longtail or Midtail

The Longtail or Midtail carries most of your precious cargo in the rear of the bike. Start with Thule Yepp Maxi (shown below on Spicy Curry) for your 1 to 6 year olds, mid-sized kiddos can party in the Tern Clubhouse+ (shown below on GSD), and mid-sized to grown ups can cruise in the Captain's Chair! If hauling groceries and gear is your goal, you can customize bike with a variety panniers, baskets, and racks to suit your cargo needs. Each brand has different compatible accessories and our team is here to help get yours dialed.

Tern GSD Starting at $4,999

Yuba Spicy Curry Starting at $5,199 

2. Front Loader

You guessed it: the Front Loader carries your load... up front! While the size of  these rides can be a little intimidating, once you hop on you'll find they're natural and easy to ride with a long wheel base and low center of gravity. If you like the idea of tossing your gear in to hit the road, the large bucket cargo hold is your friend. When it comes to your kiddos (or furry friends!), the Front Loader is a great option if you'd like to keep an eye on them while you're making memories together.  

Urban Arrow Family $6,999

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Series Starting at $9,279

We're here to help you find the perfect e-bike for your needs. Come by our Hood River shop for a test ride or reach out for a consultation by

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