Mid Drive vs Hub E-Bike Motor: Which is right for you?

Mid Drive vs Hub E-Bike Motor: Which is right for you?

Mid Drive vs Hub E-Bike Motor: Which is right for you?

One of the best parts of e-biking is the beautiful electric boost. That's what pancakes the hills, gives you a constant tailwind, and make hauling any cargo load a breeze! Where that boost comes from - the middle "Mid Drive" or wheel hub "Hub"- makes a big difference in your riding experience. Let's dive into why...


Mid Drive

The assistance comes from the middle of your e-bike, right where your human pedal power comes. The torque is applied directly to the chain or belt creating a natural and smooth engagement. It's also passive so when you're not pedaling, you're not getting power. Coast along without a care in the world! 

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With the motor in the e-bike's front or rear wheel hub, the assistance feels more like a pull (front) or push (rear). Many Hub motor e-bikes have a throttle so you can enjoy a boost even when you're not pedaling. Enjoy a little braaap while kicking back and relaxing! 

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Regardless of whether you choose the Mid Drive or Hub motor, it's worth looking up restrictions in your area. An e-bike with a throttle (Class 2) is considered a motorized vehicle and might not be permitted on your favorite paths. Mid Drive e-bikes that assist up to 28mph (Class 3) are also considered motorized here in Oregon. To learn about your state's e-bike laws, head to this handy reference from PeopleForBikes.

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