What to bring on EVERY trail ride: 5 eMTB Pack Essentials

What to bring on EVERY trail ride: 5 eMTB Pack Essentials

5 eMTB Pack Essentials: What to bring on EVERY trail ride 

What's worse than getting a flat while out on the trail? Having to WALK your e-bike out because you don't have these ride-saving essentials. Drop everything and load up on the top 5 things to pack every time you hit the trails.  


1. Spare Tube

Whether you're running tubeless tires or not, the tried and true spare tube is the ultimate back-up plan. (Psst... learn more about the many perks of tubeless tires here.) No matter the size of the hole in your tire, you should be able to get back to civilization as long as you change it carefully and remove for whatever made the original puncture. Seriously, a pesky thorn can ruin your spare in a flash if you don't do a proper inner tire check.  

Pro Tip: Be a hero and carry a 27.5"/650B spare. It fits 26" through 29" tires and could save a less prepared friend or stranger's ride. 

DART Tool or Bacon Strips to plug a tire puncture


2. DART Tool and/or Bacon Strips

The snazziest and most compact way to repair a tubeless puncture that's too much for your sealant to handle! Just stab one of these into the hole for a fast, easy, and reliable fix. The DART Tool can handle the big stuff - 5mm and up - while bacon strips can be doubled and tripled up if you're in a bind.

Shop Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool $25

Shop Tubeless Tackle Tire Repair Kit with Bacon $28.99

3. Tire Levers


Hand Pump or CO2 Bike Tire Inflator

4. Hand Pump or CO2 Inflator

You can't get far on a repaired flat without something to pump it up! A hand pump is simple and reliable, yet bulky and a quite a bit more effort. A CO2 inflator is more compact and inflates in a flash with minimal work. The downsides? You can run out if you get multiple flats or if your repairs aren't sealing up as they should. P

Shop Topeak Peak DX II MasterBlaster Pump $30

Not sure how to actually USE these tools? Start by learning to fix a flat

Multi-Tool with Chain Breaker - Crankbrothers M19

5. Multi Tool with Chain Breaker

Make on trail adjustments a breeze! We recommend a multi tool with a chain breaker because while a snapped chain isn't a common occurrence if you've had your bike built and serviced by a pro, in the off chance it happens you'll be happy to have it.

Learn to repair a broken chain here

Shop the Crankbrothers M19 Multi Tool $35.99

Now where do you stash all these handy tools? Here's how to pick the right pack for your ride.

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