Top 5 Ways to Gear Up for Spring Bike Riding

Top 5 Ways to Gear Up for Spring Bike Riding

Top 5 Ways to Gear Up for Spring Bike Riding

An extra hour of evening daylight, warmer days, dryer pavement, and tacky dirt are incoming! Been hibernating this winter? Less than stellar fitness and neglected repairs can put a damper on early season riding. Spring into action with these quick tips to avoid missing a single sunny adventure.

Gear up for spring riding - Scott Patron eRide eMTB

1. Get an e-bike!

An e-bike will take the sting out of early season rides with electric assist to boost you up the hills for that sweet uphill flow and double the downhill. Whether out on the trails, commuting to work, or loading up the kids for a picnic, e-bikers more than double their use of bikes for transport when they go electric (Science Direct). Those are some life-changing numbers, if you ask us!

Now is the perfect to visit us for a test ride so your dream e-bike is ready to roll the second riding season arrives. Check out the sweet rides we have in stock here!

2. Tune-up

Are you overdue for a new chain, brake pads or rotors, a suspension service, or a full tune-up? Being proactive about these repairs helps ensure you won't have a maintenance emergency that leaves you bike-less and waiting on a part in the middle of riding season. Take your bike in for service now to get it purring like a dream and kick off the season confidence.

3. Tire Upgrades

Want less flat-tire anxiety and a smoother ride in 2023? Get a tubeless upgrade for your eMTB to run a lower tire pressure for better traction. You'll feel less of the bumps and have more of the fun! 

If you have a commuter, cargo, or really any non-eMTB bike, Tannus tire inserts are the way to go. They're like a helmet for your tubes that keep your rides flat-less and fancy-free. Seriously, they reduce punctures by 90% and in the unlikely event you do get a flat, you can still ride for a limited period of time AKA "limp home". 

4. Touch Point Upgrades

"Touch points” are the spots on your bike that your body touches while riding. A new saddle, pedals, and/or grips can make a world of difference on your comfort and performance and are a simple way to improve your ride experience.

Pro Tip: If you've ever skipped a ride because of seat/saddle issues, have your Sitz bones measured and consider swapping out your saddle for a better fit.

6. Gear Check

Give all your biking necessities a once over. Look for cracks in your helmet from a crash or dropping it on the ground. Check that your bags and packs are still stocked with your ride essentials and that your glasses, gloves, and padded shorts are ready to roll!

    We're here to help you find the perfect e-bike and accessories for your needs. Come by our Hood River shop for a test ride or reach out for a consultation by

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