Top 5 Bosch Nyon E-Bike Display Quick Tips

Top 5 Bosch Nyon E-Bike Display Quick Tips

Top 5 Bosch Nyon E-Bike Display Quick Tips

Whether your new e-bike has the all new Bosch Nyon display or you're considering an upgrade... welcome to the future! It's next-level in connectivity and boasts a ton of incredible tech and features. Here's a quick tour of everything you need to start Riding Happy ASAP!



1. Getting Around 

The new touch screen system is super intuitive and the separate control unit makes riding mode changes and screen selections during your ride a breeze.

Pro Tip: The boot up sequence takes a few moments after turning it on so if you're transitioning from the Purion or Kiox, don't panic! With great new features comes a little extra time...

Bosch Nyon E-Bike Display Quick Start Guide

  • A Rider's effort & motor assist 
  • B Current speed 
  • C Time 
  • D Current riding mode 
  • E Connected heart rate monitor Functions 
  • F Bicycle light switched on 
  • G Battery charge level
  • H Remaining range I Micro-AB-USB port

Using Bosch Walk Mode to load e-bike up hitch rack ram

2. Walk Mode

Once in a while you need your e-bike to move without pedaling. Enter Walk Mode! We like to use this to roll an e-bike up a hitch rack ramp, but it's helpful any time you're pushing your e-bike - like in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk. 

  • You must have a Riding Mode engaged - Eco, Sport, eMTB, Turbo
  • Click the Walk Assistance "🚶" button on the top of the controller 
  • Now the "+" button has turned into a throttle of sorts

3. MPH to KM

Let's take a deep dive into the Nyon's settings to switch from imperial to metric units! 

  • From your home screen, navigate to the left either by swiping or using the "<" button on the controller
  • Tap the Settings " ⚙️ " in the top right corner
  • Scroll down to "System Settings"
  • Scroll down to "Units" and pick your fave

4. Brightness Settings

This display boasts tech that makes it seriously easy to read in ANY condition. The brightness and backlight automatically adapt to the ambient light or you can manually override it to choose your own. To do this, scroll left from the home screen and hit "Brightness ☀️". The "A" indicates Automatic, keep clicking through to manually choose the brightness setting - 25, 50, 75, or 100. 

Other perks: a special coating reduces glare and finger marks and you can even choose between a dark and a bright display with maximum contrast. 

Detachable Bosch Display Ignition Key

5. Ignition Key

Did you know you can quickly detach your Nyon display (Intuvia and Kiox, too!)? Without it, your e-bike won't turn on so you can score a little extra security when you're on the go. 

Next Steps

  • Take a deeper dive into Nyon's feature-rich system here.
  • Learn how to plan routes and use navigation here.

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