eMTB Travel, Wheel Size, + Geometry - What do they all MEAN?

eMTB Travel, Wheel Size, + Geometry - What do they all MEAN?

eMTB Travel, Wheel Size, + Geometry - What do they all MEAN?

Feel like you're speaking a whole different language when shopping for an electric mountain bike? Cue the AP calculus flashbacks! Let's break down these key numbers to find the perfect e-bike to boost your confidence and comfort out on the trails.

1. Travel 

120, 140, 160, 1--- ahh! These numbers refer to the suspension (AKA the amount of squish), typically in millimeters. The bigger the number, the better it will absorb the bumps, jumps, and big hits when you want to really send it (if that's your goal, of course!). 120mm is an excellent choice for a nimble "cross country" bike that handles tight turns well. As your suspension gets longer the bike also gets longer (more on that in Geometry) making the bike more adept at descending and big, swooping turns.

2. Wheel Size 

Most current eMTB models have either 27.5" (also referred to as 650B) or 29" diameter wheels. 27.5 typically feels more playful and snappy with a quicker acceleration rate while 29 feels planted with better traction and rollover capabilities. If you're on the short or tall end of the height spectrum, you'll find some models make the decision for you (like many of the Cube Stereo Hybrids) with the Small and Medium frames offered in 27.5 and Large/XL offered in 29.

3. Geometry 

These numbers cover a vast range of frame measurements including head tube and seat angles, wheelbase, chainstay, reach, stack, and more. Your height, anatomy, flexibility, and riding goals all converge in the perfect fit. If you have a good idea of exactly what you're looking for and comparing models, these are incredibly helpful digits! If you're at the beginning of your eMTB search, your best bet for finding the perfect ride is trying out a few different models. The one that feels best will keep you Riding Happy!

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