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We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this award-winning eMTB... 180mm of travel will soak up big hits and rip steep descents, plus the 625Wh battery will let you stay out all day for lap after lap. The best part? Just in time for fall riding season!

Whether you’re searching for your first e-bike or have been ripping singletrack for years, this full suspension Swiss Army knife bike won’t hold you back! The Strike is such winner when it comes to comfort, quality, and capability, we chose it for our eMTB rental fleet this year. Here’s why it might be the perfect bike for you…

If you'd like to skip doing the Can Can every time you mount up for a ride, an easy-entry (AKA step-through) frame style is an excellent choice. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider Cube's latest offering, the Supreme Sport Hybrid. 

This “Enormously useful, surprisingly smaller” compact e-cargo bike checks a whole lot of boxes. It’s easy to share and customize, super comfy, small but mighty, and a whole lot of fun to ride! Here’s why a Tern HSD might be the perfect addition to your family.

Looking for a "Goldilocks" eMTB that can conquer a variety of trails for miles and miles paired with show-stopping good looks? Look no further than the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140! With 140mm of travel, a 625Wh battery, Bosch CX motor, and two slick colors to choose from, your singletrack wish is its command. 

Best e-bike for your hiney, back and shoulders? The brand new Arroyo keeps it comfy as heck! Thanks to its easy-access low-step frame, relaxed upright geometry, high capacity battery, and powerful motor, this cruiser-style commuter deserves a standing ovation. 

What's in a name? In the 2022 Scott eMTB lineup, a whole lot! From top of the line carbon enduro rigs with the new Bosch Smart System to easy-on-the-wallet hardtails to explore trails, Bugs and Jodie decode the collection to unlock the perfect ride for your needs. 

"Omnia" means "everything" in Italian and Bianchi's new lineup of e-bikes has a model for every type of rider. The T-Type's all about making your touring adventures dreamy with Bianchi's signature elegance and a dash of MTB DNA. 

The next generation of e-bike racks is officially here. The new Saris Door County solves the two biggest complaints about transporting our precious two-wheeled cargo; lifting a hefty bike up onto a rack and...

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