2022 Scott eMTB Lineup Decoded

2022 Scott eMTB Lineup Decoded

2022 Scott eMTB Lineup Decoded

What's in a name? In the 2022 Scott eMTB lineup, a whole lot! From top of the line carbon enduro rigs with the new Bosch Smart System to easy-on-the-wallet hardtails to explore trails, Bugs and Jodie decode the collection to unlock the perfect ride for your needs. 


What do Scott's model numbers mean?

Any model that starts with a "9" signifies the size of the wheel on the bike. The "9" is for 29" and "7" is for 27". Scott eMTBs are all 29" this season, BUT that doesn't rule out riding a smaller wheel size!

Scott eMTB Flip Chip Technology

The Flip Chip allows you to adjust the geometry of the frame to accommodate 27.5" wheels OR the "Mullet" setup - 29" front and 27.5" rear. No need to change the fork, all you need to do is flip a shock mount chip, change your wheels and off you go. The flip chip allows you to maintain a similar BB height when switching from one wheel size to the other which is key to keeping handling similar for both wheel sizes. 

As for the rest of the model number, the top of the line frame material, components, and price start at "900" and decrease in increments of 10. You'll find changes from carbon to aluminum frames, suspension, Bosch motor and battery systems, drivetrain, and overall weight across the spread of 900 to 940's in each series.  

Scott 2022 eMTBS

Whichever series and model you choose, you'll be hitting the trails in style with an e-bike brand renowned for its quality, innovation, and design!

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