E-Bike Rack Review: Saris Door County Does the Lifting

E-Bike Rack Review: Saris Door County Does the Lifting

E-Bike Rack Review: Saris Door County Does the Lifting

The next generation of e-bike racks is officially here. The new Saris Door County Rack solves the two biggest complaints about transporting our precious two-wheeled cargo; lifting a hefty bike up onto a rack and blocking your tail lights that are the key to safety out on the roadways. But wait... there's more! Bugs is here to give you a rundown of the sweet features on this slick new rack. 


Our Favorite Features:

Saris Door County Electric Bike Rack

1. Electric Raise and Lowering 

Simply turn the key and press a button, and the Door County platform hitch rack effortlessly lifts e-bikes into the transport position, and back down again. No more heavy lifting, no more fussing with ramps, just an easy breezy roll onto the platform while it's at ground level!

Saris Door County Electric Bike Rack Tail Lights

2. Electric Tail Lights

When you’re on the road, the Door County keeps the electric vibe going with glowing tail lights, including running, brake and turn signals.

Saris Door County Electric Bike Rack Trunk Access

3. Pivots for Trunk Access

Your trunk's important, especially when you're out for an e-bike adventure! Helmets, gear, and snacks are easy to access at the back of your vehicle, even when it's fully loaded with bikes.

4. Solid Security

The Door County’s unique lobster claw-style bike holds easily adjust to accommodate common e-bike features like fenders and down-tube mounted batteries. Ferocious in name only, the lobster claws are gentle on your bike’s paint while solid as a rock to ensure peace of mind as you're cruising down the road.

The Deets:

  • Carries 2 bikes, up to 60 lb/each
  • Powered by your vehicle’s 7-pin connection
  • Mounts to a 2" receiver
  • This rack fits a wheelbase of up to 48"
  • Compatible with bike tires up to 3"
  • Shop the Saris Door County Rack $1,199.99

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