E-Bike Review: Bianchi e-Omnia T-Type

E-Bike Review: Bianchi e-Omnia T-Type

E-Bike Review: Bianchi e-Omnia T-Type

"Omnia" means "everything" in Italian and Bianchi's new lineup of e-bikes has a model for every type of rider. The T-Type's all about making your touring adventures dreamy with Bianchi's signature elegance and a dash of MTB DNA. Let's go for a cruise with Bugs to see this sweet ride in action!



With a front fork, suspension seat post, and  29" wheels with rugged Schwalbe Supermoto tires, it will keep your ride smooth on everything from pavement to off-road. 


With pedal assist up 28 MPH, the Bosch Performance Speed motor will help you keep up with traffic and arrive at your destination in a flash. The high capacity battery (Bosch 500Wh or 625Wh) and dual battery option (only for High-Step version) will give you the range you need for extended or multi-day adventures. With a sleek, low-profile frame integrated rear carrier, you can outfit it with a trunk bag and panniers to pack the necessities (and then some!).


Riding Happy is riding safely! The integrated front, rear and side led lights will brighten your path up to 300 ft and keep you visible to others at 1,500 ft.

Bianchi e-Omnia T Type Electric Touring Bike

Final Impressions

The e-Omnia T-Type is the perfect tool to commute around the city, boost your fitness, or take on weekend excursions. If you've been eyeing the Riese & Müller Nevo or Charger, consider the T-Type a new player to the game and come take it for a test ride!

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