Tubeless Tire Conversion... is it worth the upgrade?

Tubeless Tire Conversion... is it worth the upgrade?

E-Mountain Bike Tubeless Tires... is it worth the upgrade?

Our e-mountain bikes come standard with tubes inside the tires.  Converting to tubeless sheds extra weight and reduces the possibility of a dreaded flat out on the trail. You can also ride with lower tire pressure, adding to your comfort and increasing your grip. When it comes to eMTB upgrades, it's one of the best investments to keep you Riding Happy!

The Benefits

1. Fewer flats

When a tube is punctured, you’ll need to take the tire off, replace the tube, and refill it with air, put the tire back on… putting a serious damper on your ride! If you’re tubeless, the sealant will repair (most) punctures in your tire AS YOU’RE RIDING! How cool is that? 

2. Lower tire pressure 

Since you don’t have to worry about your tube getting pinched and going flat, you can ride with lower tire pressure with a tubeless setup. This means more traction (AKA more confidence!), a bigger footprint, and a smoother ride as your tire is able to mold around obstacles in the trail rather than bouncing off of them. 

3. Weight savings

When you swap your tube out for sealant, you can shave off between 0.5 to 0.75 lbs PER WHEEL! While overall bike weight isn’t as important when you have a motor, the rotating weight on the wheels affects your ride feel and battery life.

We're now offering this slam dunk upgrade for $50! Price includes:

  • Labor
  • Valves
  • Sealant 
  • Rim tape (if applicable)

*Wheels must be “tubeless ready”

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