3 Quick Tips to Boost Your Confidence Riding on the Road

3 Quick Tips to Boost Your Confidence Riding on the Road

3 Quick Tips to Boost your Confidence Riding on the Road

We get it. Riding a bike on the road with cars can be intimidating, especially when you're just getting started. With a little practice, planning, and these helpful tips, you'll build your confidence to enjoy all the incredible benefits of hopping on your e-bike and getting around town with ease. 

1. Be predictable and visible

Use hand signals to indicate when you're turning. Follow the rules of the road by obeying traffic laws, including stop signs and traffic lights. Be predictable and ride in a straight line. Bonus points for sporting bright or reflective clothing to make yourself more visible to drivers. 

Click here to learn the bike laws in your state. For more info about signaling and the rules of the road, check out our video education hub at the Ride Happy Academy

2.  Heightened awareness

"Use your Spidey Senses" as our friend Megan from Bikabout likes to say! This means being 100% attentive to your surroundings and scanning constantly. You're not only looking, though! Using your ears is key so pop out your headphones and rock out to your jams (or podcasts) when you get to your destination. One of our favorite and affordable safety accessories is a rearview mirror to check behind you with a glance and without having to look over your shoulder.

The route you take by car may not be the safest by bike and almost certainly isn’t the most enjoyable! Scope out your route on Google Maps or Ride Spot to find options with less traffic and busy intersections. If you’re lucky enough to have a greenway or bike trail to hop on, that is a winning route! 

3. Lane positioning 

If you're lucky enough to have bike lane to cruise down, use it, and if not, you have the right to take the entire lane. That being said, use those spidey senses and that handy rearview mirror to be conscious of vehicles approaching from behind and ahead, and scoot over to the right to let drivers by when you can. We're all sharing the road and want to be considerate e-bike ambassadors!

When it comes to intersections, here's a handy two minute guide from the Bike League.

The Benefits of Riding Regularly

Arrive refreshed and ready to take on the day. Exercise is a magical thing and even a brief pedal releases mood-boosting serotonin and dopamine. These lower stress levels and even improve cognitive functions like attention, memory and problem solving. Enjoy the benefits all day long! 

Connect with nature and your community. Exchange smiles and greetings with other commuters and happy dogs walking their people while basking in the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and seasons changing. 

Save time and money. You might be surprised how much time riding can shave off your morning commute if you battle traffic and parking! Reducing the amount money you spend on gas and maintenance (along with the leaving your legacy a little greener) is just the icing on the commuting cake. Learn how much you'll save and how to take the sting out of a new e-bike purchase hereHint: it's $5,792 per year!

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