E-Bikes and Your Wallet - Savings, Financing, and More!

E-Bikes and Your Wallet - Savings, Financing, and More!

E-Bikes and Your Wallet - Savings, Financing, and More!

There are plenty of benefits of choosing to ride more and drive less that are priceless - especially boosting health, happiness, and protecting the environment. But you might be surprised how much your wallet will thank you, too! Here's the nitty gritty about the money you'll save, how to take the sting out of a new e-bike purchase, and the OEB perks you'll enjoy down the road. 


1. The $$$ you'll save

Vehicles are expensive. Tern Bicycles compared the operating and ownership costs of a vehicle vs their HSD e-cargo bike and discovered a savings of...

$5,692 per year!

“I estimate we save $15,000 in vehicle costs (no car payment, reduced insurance, barely any gas or maintenance costs) which we spend on family vacations. Win-win-win and so many wins.” - OEB Customer Megan Ramey of Bikabout 

“I can't imagine making a car payment. I know everyone else does it, but I get to do something else with that money every month because we have practical bikes that make everything local easy.” - OEB Customer Kyle Ramey 

Check out Tern's full cost breakdown here

2. The $$$ you'll spend 

An e-bike can be a big financial investment up front. Here's how to make purchasing an e-bike less impactful on your wallet by spreading your payments out over time:
  • 12-month deferred interest program through Synchrony Financial. The interest is free as long as you pay it off during the 12-month period.
  • Extended payment plans through Klarna. With these options you'll be able to start riding while you pay for your bike over time.
  • Layaway - Pay us directly in installments with 0% interest. Once your bike is paid in full it's yours to Ride Happy!
Insurance - Just like insuring your car, you want to protect your investment. Velosurance and Simple Bike Insurance cater specifically to cyclists with premiums as low as $100/year, and other traditional insurance companies like State Farm offer standalone policies for e-bikes as well.

3. The $$$ (and Service Perks!) you'll get

Now it's all about keeping your new investment running smoothly for the long term! We've designed the Ride Happy Club Service Perks to do just that. With your e-bike purchase, you'll enjoy:

  • $100 OEB Bucks - Just like a car, it's important to get your e-bike serviced at regular intervals to keep it running smoothly for the long term. We recommend every 6 months or 600 miles and you'll have $100 OEB Bucks to spend on your future service needs! 
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance - When you're relying on your e-bike as transportation, it's nice to know someone has your back in the case of an emergency. The Better World Club offers the only nationwide roadside assistance for bicycles and we cover your membership for a year when you purchase an e-bike.
  • FREE Multi-Point Inspection - 30-60 days after your purchase, it's time to make an appointment for your free Multi-Point Inspection. Our Service Team will check your bike's main pivot points, ensure every bolt is torqued down to spec, and make adjustments so it's shifting properly.  

We're here to help you find the perfect e-bike.  Answer a few questions here and we'll guide you on your journey to Riding Happy! 

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