Why We Love Bosch

Why We Love Bosch

Why We Love Bosch

If you’ve ever shopped for an e-bike, you’ve definitely come across “Bosch”.  Bosch leads the pack in e-bike drive systems - that's motors, batteries, controllers, and displays. In today's Tech Tip Tuesday, we'll hear three different Bosch-lovers' perspectives from around the shop.

Rider’s Perspective

“I’ve been riding Bosch e-bikes for years now and I would not switch to a different system. Bosch gives a ride quality that’s super smooth and reliable. They offer a mid drive motor so it’s right where you’re pedaling which means it’s going to be really responsive. You feel like you’re just riding a normal bike. You can also choose your battery situation, whether you want a single or dual battery. There are different displays offerings, too. If you’re a super techie person you can opt for something that’s more sophisticated and has a maps function like the Nyon display. If you’re like me and you’re more analog-oriented, you can stick with the tried and true Purion display. Ultimately, Bosch has come up with systems out there for every rider. From riding around on trail and in town, I absolutely love them.” - Jodie

Shop Perspective

“I love Bosch because there’s a motor and battery combo for every rider.  Whether it’s your casual cyclist with the Active Line Plus motor, the Cargo Line for hauling kids or getting groceries, the Performance Line CX for mountain biking, or the Performance Line Speed that goes up to 28mph. You can also choose between the rack-mounted battery or power tube-mounted battery!” - Brendon

Service Perspective

“The two things that strike me most with Bosch is the support and the dependability.  We all have Bosch tools and appliances in our houses and we all know they’re super reliable.  That translates over to the e-bike. You have a reliable motor that’s rarely going to give you any issues. If for some reason it does, they have the support and infrastructure to get you serviced quickly at one of the over 3,000 Bosch-certified e-bike shops across the US and Canada… And yes! We are one!” - Ollie

And there you have it! We have Bosch-drive bikes of all shapes and sizes here at Oregon E-Bikes - check them out here. We are confident you’ll be a Bosch-lover in no time.  

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