5 Reasons to Go Electric with your Tax Refund

5 Reasons to Go Electric with your Tax Refund

5 Reasons to Go Electric with your Tax Refund

Why ditch the car and make more of those trips on an e-bike? Besides the fact it's like having your very own magic carpet, we've rounded up five solid reasons to get your two wheels turning.

PLUS! We're putting the FUN in refund with an by giving yours a BOOST this tax season. We'll send you an additional Ride Happy Refund of $200 to score the best deal on a new e-bike so you can ride away with a smile on your face. Offer applies to new and used in stock ebikes and ends May 15th, 2024. 

5 Reasons to Go Electric with your Tax Refund - It's an investment

1. It's an investment

Many of the benefits of riding more and driving less are priceless, but your wallet will thank you, too! Vehicles are expensive and an e-bike is a cost-effective way to get around. Tern Bicycles compared the operating and ownership costs of a vehicle vs their HSD e-cargo bike and discovered a savings of...

$5,792 per year!

Now that's an investment even the most prudent accountant can get behind. Check out Tern's full cost breakdown here

2. Your body will thank you

Some say e-biking is ‘cheating’, but we’ve found it to be a great form of exercise. You can choose how much assistance you want and ride twice the distance in the same amount of time. Pedaling up hills or against the wind? No problemo in "Turbo" mode! Want to break a sweat? Drop the assistance with the click of a button to get your heart really pumping. 

3. It's a green machine

E-bikes don't produce any emissions and require much less energy to operate than a vehicle. When you ride instead of drive, you get to work, school, the grocery store or the beach with minimal environmental impact and leave your legacy a little greener.

5 Reasons to Go Electric with your Tax Refund - The Convenience

4. It's convenient

Many assume they'll be sacrificing convenience by riding an e-bike instead of driving a car on a daily basis. Instead, you'll no longer have to circle the block for a parking spot or go out of our way to find a gas station. Some of our staff's commutes are even quicker by e-bike than by car since they can keep up with cars on many city streets, take alternative routes, and avoid traffic.  All of this, without any extra registration or vehicle classification, and it takes hassle out of your day.

5 Reasons to Go Electric with your Tax Refund - The Fun Factor 

5. Can't beat the fun factor

This is THE reason why our shop’s bike rack went from empty to full in a matter of months. The first time each of us hopped on a bike and powered up the electric assist, ear-to-ear grins and sheer joy soon followed. We’ve found that e-bikes have opened our eyes to a lifestyle that creates more smiles, more time outside, more time with family, and a greater sense of community. Our motto is ‘Ride Happy’ and we’re living it!

We're here to help you find the perfect e-bike for your needs. Come by our Hood River shop for a test ride or reach out for a consultation by

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