Pre-Ride E-Bike Check

Pre-Ride E-Bike Check

Pre-Ride E-Bike Check

We get it... it's tempting to hop on your bike and beeline it for the open road or trail! To keep Riding Happy (and safely), get in the habit of giving your bike this quick check before every ride.  Future you will thank you, we promise.


Tire Pressure

Find the tire pressure range on the sidewall of the tire and shoot for somewhere between the minimum and maximum.  Tire pressure will vary by tire, conditions, and rider and cargo weight.  If you don't know how to check your tire pressure, we'll show you the ropes here

How often? Tires lose air over time so check them every few rides or weekly - whichever comes first. 

The 20 Foot Test

Before it's time to take off, pedal around your driveway or parking lot and make sure the following are all functioning properly. 

1. Battery

Make sure you have enough “gas in the tank” for your ride by checking your battery level.

2. Assist

It's why we e-bike... that BOOST! Run through a few of your ride modes.

3. Brakes

Give them a squeeze to make sure they’re feeling solid and will bring you to a stop.

4. Gears

Shift through them.

5. Chain

Is your chain making noise? Apply lubricant to keep your drivetrain happy and preserve chain life.  Have a Belt Drive? Skip this step!

BONUS POINTS! One Minute Post-Ride Check

If you rode in wet conditions, wipe off your chain and apply lube to keep your chain and drivetrain happy for many miles to come.  Lastly, top off your battery so you’re ready for your next adventure!

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