How to choose a Riese & Müller e-Bike!

How to choose a Riese & Müller e-Bike!

The cat is officially out of the bag. Riese & Müller's 2021 lineup has been released, and their bikes are looking better than ever! If you're new to Riese & Müller or are curious about changes in 2021 and how to choose the best configuration for your riding needs, we'll walk you through it!

Step 1. Narrowing it down to a model series

From the small and compact Tinker to the large and in charge Superdelite, there is a bike for every rider in the Riese & Müller line. Here's our take of what to consider:

  1. Frame geometry. Is your priority a step-thru frame for ease of mounting and dismounting? If so, check out the Nevo3 series and Homage series. For a mid-step frame, the 'Mixte' frames in the Charger3 series and Multicharger series are a great middle ground.
  2. Mileage. Are you logging tons of miles on a commute or touring rides, or looking for a multi-day vehicle? Most bikes in the Riese & Müller lineup now come with the option of a dual battery system, though the Superdelite and Supercharger2 are built to take you the distance with two Bosch Powertube batteries integrated into the frame design. 
  3. Safety. If you are headed off-road or commuting in traffic, bikes with Riese & Müller's Control Technology offer added safety features including full-suspension (offering more contact with the tires and the ground due to the ability to better absorb bumps and obstacles along the way), and the co-sprung luggage carrier keeps you and your cargo safe. Bikes with Control Technology include the Superdelite, Delite, Homage, Load 75 and Load 60. 
  4. Location. If your main riding will be done in urban settings or on pavement, bikes like the sleek Roadster, sporty Charger3 and utility-oriented Packster are great options. If mountain riding is your style, check out the Superdelite Mountain and Delite Mountain. And if you'd like the option of a healthy mix of both, the GX option (off-road package) offered with front suspension bikes like the Nevo3, Supercharger2 and Multicharger will add knobby tires. 

Step 2. Choosing your drive system.

  1. High speed (28mph) versus 20mph motors. In previous Bosch motor generations, choosing a high speed motor meant you would compromise power on steep inclines as compared to the 20mph counterpart. With the Gen4 Bosch Performance Line Speed and CX motors, both offer the same 85Nm of upper end torque (turbo mode) and 340% assist. Weighing which motor to choose may include factors such as whether you are commuting and would like to keep up with traffic or are simply out on country roads taking in the scenery, and where HS (high speed) motors are allowed in your state. Check out this breakdown from People for Bikes if you're curious about your home state's laws. 
  2. Battery choice. On many models, you have the option to choose between a single 500Wh battery (the lightest weight option, if your trips will be relatively short - i.e. 20-50 miles on average), a single 625Wh battery (a great option for extending your range per battery charge by ~10-20 miles) or a dual battery setup ranging from 1000Wh to 1250Wh total (great for long commutes, multi-day trips, peace of mind, and extending the life of your batteries since you'll be charging them less). The big daddy of the options? The new 2021 Homage with a dual battery 1250Wh setup comprised of two 625Wh Bosch Powertube batteries.
  3. Display choice. Appreciate a no-frills, tried and true option? Go with the Purion or Intuvia, whichever is offered as standard on your particular model. Upgrading to the SmartphoneHub (not compatible with the Rohloff hub) allows you to stay connected while riding. The Kiox cockpit keeps wires internal for a smooth aesthetic and offers a colorful, sophisticated system that can connect via Bluetooth for navigation and heart rate monitoring. And finally, the new Nyon cockpit offers a larger, easy to read touchscreen that offers navigation and bluetooth connectivity. 
  4. Touring, Enviolo or Rohloff. The age old dilemma! Here's our take, and check out this video for more on the Enviolo versus the Rohloff.
    • Touring Chain and Derailleur Setup. The least expensive of the three options, easiest for on-the-fly maintenance, and playful ride quality.  
    • Enviolo Continuous Gearing Hub. A staff favorite due to the minute adjustments you can make along the continuous hub gearing's spectrum without taking your eyes off the road. Super smooth, and comes with the low maintenance Gates carbon belt drive.
    • Rohloff E-14 Electronic Shifting Hub. 14 gears, which offers an incredible gearing range. Shift with ease using the electronic buttons, and enjoy the automatic downshifting at a stop sign. Note that since the Rohloff is an electronic system, if your bike battery dies so will your shifting capability. 

Step 3. Choose your custom add-ons. 

  1. Hauling cargo? Opt for both the front carrier and standard rear carrier on bikes like the Superdelite. 3 kids? Go with the Load 75 or Packster 70. Larger passengers? The Multicharger's Passenger Kit allows for a passenger up to 140 lbs. to ride along. Going with dogs? The front loading cargo bikes are Jodie's ride of choice, though the Burly Coho XC trailer can carry your furry friends behind you.  
  2. Heading off road? Opt for the GX option, which includes knobby tires, wider pedals and grips with bar-ends, and sometimes a dropper post (Superdelite, Delite). 
  3. Using your bike as a vehicle replacement? Be sure to see if your particular Riese & Müller model comes with cargo bikes (like the Multicharger) or a front carrier bag (like the Charger3), and also add the additional 130cm lock chain to use with the integrated frame lock for added security (offered on most models). 

Step 4. Choose your timing. If you're looking to ride as soon as possible, the air freight option is worth the extra dough! Riese & Müller charges $500 for bikes flying from Germany, ensuring that you're riding 6-8 weeks earlier than the sea freight option at no charge. When you consider that while riding during those 6-8 weeks you'll be driving less and saving money on gas and parking, getting strong and fit, and having more fun, the air freight option seems almost priceless. Alternatively, the sea freight option leaves a smaller carbon footprint than air travel - if you're ordering your Riese & Müller e-bike during your riding off-season, you can save the cash and help the environment by waiting patiently. 

Step 5. Start riding!! If you live within driving distance of our shop in Oregon or are looking for an excuse to visit the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood, shopping in Oregon is sales tax free and lunch is on us. If the nearest Riese & Müller dealer is more than 100 miles away from your home, we can deliver! Enjoy door-to-door service and you'll be riding in no time. For more info, check out our FAQs here

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