Staff eBike Spotlight: Haney's Tern HSD

Staff eBike Spotlight: Haney's Tern HSD

Staff eBike Spotlight: Haney's Tern HSD

Haney is the latest OEB team member to become a Tern HSD enthusiast. He has a pretty substantial commute to work that navigates big hills and fast straightaways. Beyond that, he rides around town for errands and date nights, often with a passenger on board. So, let's dive into what made him a convert!

Why the HSD?

1. Storage & Cargo

Haney's new home lacked space for his front loader cargo bike, but he wasn't ready to give up cargo capabilities. The compact yet mighty HSD was the perfect solution. It can haul up to 397 lbs of max gross vehicle weight and can be stored vertically, fitting into tight spaces.

2. Speed and Power

Haney's S11 model boasts the Class 3 Bosch Performance Line Sport Motor. Offering assist up to 28mph makes quick work of Haney's long morning commute.  It provides up to 75 Nm of torque, boosting your pedaling power by up to 340% and handling the hills effortlessly.

3. Accessories

Haney customized his HSD to carry groceries or his dog in a crate, pickup-truck style. The crate can be swapped for a Sidekick Seat Pad to carry a passenger in moments. Tern’s wide range of accessories allows you to tailor your ride to suit your diverse needs.

Tern HSD S11

The Bells and Whistles of the S11 Model:

  • Kiox 300 Color Display automatically activates eBike Lock when removed from the bike and the Bosch ConnectModule offers enhanced theft protection features like eBike Alarm and eBike Tracking
  • Traditional drivetrain features a chain and derailleur system for a more conventional gearing feel with smooth and reliable shifting
  • 545Wh Battery boasts extra range compared to the previous generation HSD
  • Ultra-bright Ignis Headlight comes with a high/low beam for 24/7 visibility in all weather conditions and wlways-on RearStop Brake Light helps you safely signal stops

Shop the Tern HSD S11 for $4,899

With these features, it's no wonder Haney loves his Tern HSD S11. Whether he's commuting, running errands, or enjoying a night out, the HSD is ready for any adventure. 

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