Freedom to Double the Downhill - eMTBs

Freedom to Double the Downhill - eMTBs

Freedom to Double the Downhill - eMTBs

This 4th of July we're celebrating the ways e-bikes offer freedom in our lives  - all while leaving our legacy a little greener with freedom from fossil fuels. Ready to hit the trails?! Electric Mountain Bikes have taken our riding to a whole new level... literally. Up, up, and away followed by double the downhill! 

BULLS Wild Flow Evo

A few perks of eMTBs: 

  • Double your downhill laps
  • Say it with us... UPHILL FLOW!
  • Faster up the climbs = less sweat. Great for hot days!
  • Ride to the trailhead and eliminate the need for shuttles to the top (AKA fossil fuel-FREE!)
  • Tow a kiddo up the climbs
  • Add some singletrack to your commute
  • And (best of all!) keep your friends and family with varying skill and fitness levels riding together

BULLS Wild Flow RS

Looking for more Independence Inspiration? 

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