E-Bike Review: Yuba Kombi E5 Electric Cargo Bike

Yuba Kombi E5 with Monkey Seat and Bread Basket

E-Bike Review: Yuba Kombi E5 Electric Cargo Bike

Looking for an affordable cargo bike to help you leave your keys at home and make every errand a blast? The Yuba Kombi E5 has delivered. This “compact” longtail is nimble, snappy and able to handle big cargo loads - up to 440lbs! Whether you have kiddos big and small, a date, a dog, or a giant load of groceries, Yuba's wide selection of accessories can customize your ride to meet your needs. 

A few highlights we love:

  1. Top-quality hydraulic disc brakes that help you stop safely when needed? Check.
  2. Reliable Shimano STEPS E5000 motor that makes it easy to carry just about anything? Check.
  3. Comfortable, effortless fun for pilot and passengers alike — all at a very competitive price. Check, check, CHECK.
  4. It can even be parked vertically to save space and comes in silver!

Yuba Kombi E5 Silver



Shop Yuba Kombi E5 $3,200

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