Double the Range, Double the Freedom: Dual Battery Upgrades for Your E-Bike

Double the Range, Double the Freedom: Dual Battery Upgrades for Your E-Bike

Double the Range, Double the Freedom: Dual Battery Upgrades for Your E-Bike

Ready to take running out of juice OFF your list of worries? Adding an extra battery to your bike will ease your range anxiety and extend your e-bike adventures. From calculating your range with a handy online tool, ordering a custom e-bike or retrofitting your current ride with a bonus battery, here's a rundown of how to double your freedom!

1. Bosch Range Calculator Tool

First, let's calculate how many miles you can get on your next e-bike ride. Head to this handy Range Calculator Tool and enter your key stats - total rider and luggage weight, motor, and battery. You can even more precise by adding environmental conditions like wind, terrain, and surface. The resulting number is an estimate of how far you can go before running out of battery. Is it enough to tackle the day to day and big adventures you've been dreaming of? 

For science, toggle the dual battery option to see how that affects your range. Hey now! That opens up a whole new realm of possibilities...


Riese & Müller Custom Dual Battery E-Bike Options

2. Riese & Müller Custom Orders

When you're building your custom Riese & Müller dream bike, depending on the series you may have the option to add a second battery. Riese & Müller was one of the first E-Bike manufacturers to introduce Bosch DualBattery Technology and has been equipping many series with it ever since. The batteries are engineered so the additional weight and battery position have no noticeable effect on riding behavior. Depending on the model, they use two fully integrated Bosch PowerTube batteries, the combination of a PowerTube battery and a frame or luggage rack battery, or for cargo bikes, two frame batteries attached to the frame and loading surface. More R&M dual battery details here.

Learn more about the Riese & Müller ordering process or check out the full range of models.

3. Retrofit Your Ride

A variety of brands and models offer dual battery upgrades after your purchase. If find yourself regularly running low on juice or wishing you could extend your adventures, it's probably time to take the plunge.

Gazelle Dual Battery E-Bike Retrofit Upgrade

Gazelle's Compatible Models

Learn more about Gazelle's Dual Battery system here.

Scott eMTB Range Booster Mount Dual Battery Upgrade

Scott Strike and Genius eMTBs

Scott developed a specific mount that is fixed to the bottle cage slots. This allows you to transport a standard 500Wh Bosch battery for a total of 1125Wh - yeah, that's a whole lot of trail miles! Just one charger is needed for recharging and the display will communicate the power left in both batteries.

Shop Scott eMTBs here.

Dual Battery-Ready E-Cargo Bikes

  • Yuba Spicy Curry $4,999 and Spicy Curry AT (All Terrain) $5,499
  • Benno Boost starting at $4,499
  • Tern GSD starting at $5,399

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