Compact E-Cargo Spotlight: NEW Yuba Fastrack Transforms in SECONDS

Compact E-Cargo Spotlight: NEW Yuba Fastrack Transforms in SECONDS

Compact E-Cargo Spotlight: NEW Yuba Fastrack Transforms in SECONDS

Looking for a versatile and compact e-bike to simplify and spice up your daily routine? Look no further than the Yuba Fastrack, a mid-tail electric cargo bike that can transform in seconds based on your hauling needs. Let's take a closer look at the patent-pending Dual Rack System, powerful Shimano motor, and slick design features that make the Fastrack your perfect match to start Riding Happy! 


Compact E-Cargo Spotlight: NEW Yuba Fastrack

1. Small, but Mighty

Despite its smaller concept, the Fastrack has the same load capacity as the Spicy Curry and can maneuver tight spaces with ease. Plus, its compact design and short wheelbase enable you to bring your bike on the subway, bus, train, and everything in between.

Yuba Fastrack E-Cargo Dual Rack System

2. Transforms in SECONDS ⏱

What sets the Fastrack apart from other cargo bikes is its patent-pending Dual Rack System (DRS). This unique system has four integrated cargo-carrying modes to adapt to any type of ride on-the-fly. Discover the Sideloader mode, Carry-On mode, Flat mode, or Compact mode, and change positions in seconds to find a solution to your situation.

3. The Power to Shrink your City 

The Fastrack is powered by Shimano's STEPS E7000 motor and a smooth Shimano 10-speed derailleur, making it easy to navigate your local streets and hills without breaking a sweat while hauling heavy loads. The reliable mid-drive Shimano system comes with a fast-charging 500Wh battery that makes it possible to shrink your city and go places by bike.

Compact E-Cargo Spotlight: NEW Yuba Fastrack

4. Details that Delight

The Fastrack's telescopic fork, adjustable seatpost, and unique Easy Up handlebars make it simple to share the bike with others and store it in small spaces. Storing vertically is a sweet perk, but Yuba's added two tiny wheels to tuck it into even the tightest nooks and crannies with ease. 

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