7 "No Such Thing As Bad Weather" E-Bike Gear Tips


7 "No Such Thing As Bad Weather" E-Bike Gear Tips

If you've ever had numb digits that won't brake or shift, been soaked through to your core, or had ice cold eyeballs that refuse stop watering, then you know how fast a ride can go from delightful to disaster.

Cold Weather E-bike gear must-haves

Meet Amy, mountain biking and commuting extraordinaire who rides to work at our shop in Hood River, Oregon all year long.  Amy's sharing seven must-have gear items to battle the elements and Ride Happy no matter what the seasons throw your way. Because... 

There's no such thing as bad weather - just bad gear.  

1. Hat with a bill

Cold Weather E-bike Gear Tips

Ice cream headaches are only welcome when there's a pint of Ben & Gerry's involved. The hat bill works miracles to keep rain and wind out of your eyes and provides extra forehead warmth by closing the gap between your helmet and glasses.

2.  Wool or wool-blend shirt

Your first (base) layer should be wool. It's insulating even when wet and dries much more quickly than other fabrics. Bonus: it's odor-resistant! It's no fun to gear up in a layer that has funk to it first thing in the morning... trust me 😷

3. A cycling-specific rain jacket

Casual rain jackets are typically waterproof and will cause you to stay dry from the rain but get soaked by your own sweat as soon as you start working.  Breathability is the key here.  Find a cycling-specific jacket that rides the line between water resistant and windproof while still being breathable.

4. Gloves

Cold Weather E-Bike Gear Tips Gloves

Waterproof, windproof or both! A snug fit is not necessary, in fact I prefer a loose-fitting pair. The heat generated needs to circulate around the digits.  I personally double my gloves (using a loose fitting inner windproof thin glove followed by thinsulate semi-lobster gloves with water resistant capabilities).  Keep your gloves near a heat source to warm them up before you roll out for an extra plush ride. 

5. Cycling pants

Cold Weather E-Bike Gear Tips Padded Riding Pants

I look for pants with tapered legs, built in pant leg straps, built-up crotch area with extra material for durability (constant rubbing on the saddle), and breathability.  They also need to be long enough to cover the top of the shoe or the shoe cover because nobody wants a gap in gear!  

6. Neoprene shoe covers or cycling boots 

Shoes should be loose fitting - mine are a half-size bigger than regular riding shoes.  This allows for thicker socks and the same gloves principle applies to shoes. Your toes need space for heat circulation, too (who likes cold feet...burrrrr).


Lizard Skins Dry Fiant Shoe Cover Cold Weather E-Bike Gear Tips


We recommend Lizard Skins Dry Fiant Shoe Covers

7. Socks

Wool is king! I have tried everything including battery-heated socks.  Some swear by using a base of silk socks or nylon socks BEFORE a pair of woolies. 

We recommend DeFeet Woolie Boolie Socks and Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Wool Socks 

Amy Commutes by E-Bike in the cold

Now that you're bundled up and ready for anything, nothing can get between you and your next adventure. 

For more cold weather tips to keep you AND your battery riding happy through the winter months, check out these 3 Cold Weather E-Bike Tips.

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