The Ultimate Guide to Riese & Müller Custom E-Bike Options

The Ultimate Guide to Riese & Müller Custom E-Bike Options

The Ultimate Guide to Riese & Müller Custom E-Bike Options

Building your custom Riese & Müller dream bike from scratch is exciting, but choosing from the wide variety of options can be overwhelming. Here’s everything you need to know to optimize your new e-bike so it perfectly suits your needs.

1. Shifting System

The gearing and drivetrain that makes your e-bike GO.

  • Touring. Traditional chain and derailleur gearing system. 
  • Vario. This Enviolo continuous hub gear and Gates carbon belt drive boasts super smooth continuous shifting with a rolling grip shift. 
  • Rohloff. This electronic E14 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub has a larger gear range that's great for hilly areas and is completely wireless for a nice, clean cockpit.

2. Display

Choose from Bosch's slick lineup of cockpit display systems and remotes. 

Bosch E-Bike Display Lineup Purion, Intuvia, Kiox, Nyon

  • Purion. Small and sleek so you can concentrate on what really matters with all the key information at the click of your thumb. Learn more with our Purion Pro Tips video!  
  • Intuvia. Easy and intuitive with relevant riding data clearly shown and ideal readability under all lighting conditions. The separate control unit allows you to keep your hands safely on the handlebar.
  • Kiox. Sporty connectivity with all the functions that a rider could need in a high res color display. In addition to the classic functions, Kiox also uses the eBike Connect smartphone app and the eBike-Connect online portal to offer riders access to the digital world.
  • Nyon. The next generation eBike connectivity with new map data, large touch screen, additional route planning features, altitude display and improved presentation of individual sports performance.

3. GX Option 

It's all about the surfaces you plan to explore.

  • Are you sticking to road and light gravel? The standard slick tires will an excellent choice.
  • Want to get a little more adventurous? Step it up with the GX Option for beefier knobby tires and suspension that can handle anything you throw at it. Available in the Superdelite, Delite, Supercharger, ChargerCharger Mixte, Multicharger, Multicharger Mixte, Homage, and Nevo series.
  • Air Shock Upgrade. For cream of the crop, smooth trail riding, some models offer an air suspension upgrade. Available in the Superdelite and Delite series.

4. Comfort Kit 

For a more comfortable ride, the Comfort Kit provides a more upright riding position with swept back handlebars and ergonomic grips. Bonus points for keeping things extra smooth where it really counts with a suspension seatpost! 

Available in the Superdelite, Delite, Supercharger, ChargerCharger Mixte, Multicharger, Multicharger Mixte, Homage, Nevo, Roadster and Roadster Mixte series.

Riese and Muller Roadster Mixte

5. Mixte Frame

The Mixte denotes a mid-step frame for a friendlier leg-over mount and dismount. Available in the ChargerMulticharger, and Roadster (pictured above with the standard flat bar). 

6. Battery Configuration

Most models have a variety of battery configuration options to choose from:  standard single Powertube, dual battery with rear rack mount or dual Powertube. A few things to consider which is right for you:

  • Range. How far do you plan to ride?
  • Weight. How much do you plan to carry?
  • Battery life. How long before you replace the battery? 

Riese and Muller Multicharger Mixte Accessory Options

7. Accessories

Most Riese & Müller e-bikes come standard with integrated lights and rearview mirrors on HS/High Speed models. There are a variety of additional accessory options, especially on the electric cargo Multicharger, Multicharger Mixte, and Load series. Depending on how much (and who!) you want to bring with you, you may opt for the Front Carrier and Safety Bar Kit or build out your Load to accommodate your passengers.

We're here to help you find (and build!) your custom Riese & Müller dream bike. Come ride our Test Center Fleet, learn about the ordering process or check out the full range of models.

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