Meet the All New Bosch Smart System

Meet the All New Bosch Smart System

Meet the All New Bosch Smart System

It's here... Bosch has announced their new smart system that will guide e-bike riders into the digital future. Let's take a peek at the game-changing highlights that will be available on select e-bikes in 2022.

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Bosch Smart System eBike Flow app

1. The eBike Flow app

  • Helpful stats - How many miles have I ridden? When is my next service appointment? Which components are installed on my e-bike? The app provides you with tons of helpful information about your eBike.
  • Always connected - Both iOS and Android users access to numerous functions, integrates with other apps such as Apple Health and synchronizes activity data automatically.
  • New, innovative features such as theft protection open up new possibilities for cyclists.
  • Connect with your favorite brand every time you look at the app. E-bike manufacturers such as SCOTT, CUBE, Riese & Müller, Cannondale, and Gazelle can customize the app design. 

Bosch Smart System LED Remote

2. LED Remote

  • Easy to use and see in sunlight, and the brightness of the display adapts dynamically to the ambient light. Quickly recognize the selected riding mode, which is indicated by the respective color.
  • Connects your e-bike with the eBike Flow app for important data such as the duration of the ride or the distance traveled with your smartphone.
  • Walk Assist - When riding on steep paths is no longer possible, the eBike can be pushed more easily with the help of Walk Assist: Press the button, move the eBike, and feel the support.
  • Ergonomic handling - the remote can be individually adjusted to the rider and, in addition to an attractive design, offers optimal ergonomics and intuitive operation easily reached with your thumb. 
Bosch Smart System Kiox 300 Display

3. Kiox 300 Display 

  • Small but mighty. Kiox 300 is compact with a color display that's readable by day and night. Operating is simple with animations and images and the handy display is protected against splash water and dust.
  • Helpful support - in order to assess which riding mode is the best choice to reach your destination, Kiox 300 clearly displays the remaining range for all riding modes.
  • Flexible - The one-armed display holder allows for centralized positioning of the display on the handlebar and the tilt angle can be adjusted for optimum readability.
Bosch Smart System Performance Line CX

4. Performance Line CX

  • Powerful up the hill - maximum torque of 85 Nm enables powerful acceleration after tight turns and obstacles at a low cadence and facilitates starting up on a hill. For fast sprints, the motor also provides support at high cadences.
  • The eMTB mode - optimum control and intuitive handling at your fingertips. Switch less between the different riding modes for even more fun and flow.
  • ConnectModule - Many eBikes with the smart system can be retrofitted with the ConnectModule mounted on the Drive Unit in the future. These bikes can trigger alarms to deter thieves and stolen e-bikes can be tracked with the eBike Flow app. 

Bosch Smart System 4A Charger

5. 4A Charger

  • Charges quickly, is easy to use and is visually appealing.
  • Compact and lightweight, it's ideal for when you're on-the-go
  • It takes six hours to fully charge the battery, and just over two hours for a 50% charge.
Bosch Smart System PowerTube 750

6. PowerTube 750

  • Maximum range - About 20% longer range compared to the PowerTube 625 and ideal for long and demanding rides.
  • Reliable - Enormous mileage, long service life, reliable handling. The lithium-ion battery is equipped with a battery management system that protects the battery cells from overload.

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