Meet Our Team - Service Manager Ollie Dine

Meet Our Team - Service Manager Ollie Dine
Jodie: What excites you about electric bikes?
Ollie: Electric bikes open up cycling to everyone!  Elderly?  Injuries?  Afraid you don't fit in, have the right gear, or aren't "cool" enough?  Worried about not being able to keep up?  Electric bikes minimize / eliminate these obstacles and really bring people together.  Similarly, without fail, every time I send someone out for their first ride on an electric bike, they always come back with a huge smile!  As we say at Oregon E-bikes, ride happy!!
Jodie: Where do you call home? How long has Hood River been home for you?
Ollie: Home is with my wife and 2 kids...wherever that may be.  I am from San Diego, but moved here 3 months ago.  It truly is amazing (like postcard amazing!), and everyday I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have landed in such an epic spot.  We are just settling in, but looking forward to establishing roots here in beautiful Hood River, OR!!
Jodie: When you're not found on your bike, where else might you be?
Ollie: On my skateboard, paddling around on the river, or somewhere lost in the mountains and forests that surround us.
Jodie: When you are found on your bike, what's your favorite part of the sport?
Ollie: Exploring!  My bike takes me places that most people don't even know exist.  
Jodie: What's the most common misconception on bike service?
Ollie: "My bike is brand new...I don't need a tune up."  Wrong!  It is imperative to have your brand new bike checked over after the first good ride (or a few smaller rides).  Parts have a tendency to "seat", cables "stretch" (perhaps not the most correct term), and hardware can loosen.  A simple check-up can avoid costly damages and warranty fiascos, and will save you a ton of frustration.  You spent good money on your new ride...take care of it!
Jodie: Which e-bike is 'yours'? What would a day on an e-bike in HR look like for you?
Ollie: I am currently riding a Focus Jam²...such a fun bike!  A typical day might begin with enjoying a cup of coffee...I have a stunning view of Mt. Adams right out of my kitchen window!  Then it's time to hit the trails.  Post Canyon is a quick 2 mile warm-up ride away.  Once there, I will climb as far as time allows in the Eco setting, taking in the views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and The Gorge that lies between.  After a solid work-out, it's time to descend some of the best lines in the world right back to the house.  Then it's into town run some errands and grab a bite to eat, followed by picking the kiddo up from school, at which point we'll ride down to the waterfront or head over to Mosier via The Old Columbia River Hwy.  Once again it's back the house for some dog time at the park, and by this time, the day is pretty much wrapped up.
Jodie: Mechanic certifications?
Ollie: I am actually an ASE certified Automotive and Diesel Tech (there are actually a lot of parallels between cars and bikes!).  I am a graduate of the Barnett Bicycle Institute and have been a Product Manager for some leading E-bike manufacturers.
Jodie: Favorite bike movie?
Ollie: RAD or E.T.  Yes, I consider E.T. a bike movie!

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