Meet our Service Department

Meet our Service Department
Jodie: What excites you about electric bikes?
Dan: There are a lot of benefits to E-bikes, but the standouts to me are the prospect of getting more and more people out enjoying bikes, as well as the idea that you can forgo your car for all but long road trips. Morning commute, trip to the grocery store... no sweat, literally!
Jodie: Where do you call home? How long has Hood River been home for you?
Dan: Hood River is home and has been for just over a year now. Though I must admit that it was where I wanted to live ever since a college bike trip way back in 2011. 
Jodie: When you're not found on your bike, where else might you be?
 Dan: If I'm not out playing in the dirt, I'll usually be playing in the snow, standing in a river, or attempting to survive out in the surf-break. As long as I'm outside then I'm good!
Jodie: When you are found on your bike, what's your favorite part of the sport?
Dan: Ha, that's a good question, and the answer has changed for me over the years. I used to be all about air time, or what some might refer to as "finding the flow", but I have grown to appreciate the sore muscles and the absolute exhaustion of a long day in the saddle. I think what I like best now is the opportunity bikes provide for exploration. I have seen so many great places while riding my bike that I wouldn't have even heard of had I not been a bike rider.
Jodie: How long have you been wrenching on bikes?
Dan: I have always been a tinkerer, I think my dad and I built my first "real" mountain bike, piece by piece, back in the fourth grade or so, but in an official capacity I have been spinning wrenches for about 8 years.
Jodie: What do you look forward to as a Service Manager?
Dan: I really like being the go-to "fix it guy". Being able to make someone's bad experience and turn it around into a positive one makes me happy. I'm also really looking forward to getting to know everything about E-bikes and seeing how far we can take this technology.
Jodie: What's the most common misconception on bike service?
Dan: I think the most common misconception is that service is overrated. I see so many bikes that have just been ridden hard and put away wet for years and the owner simply states that "it still works fine". If only they knew how much better their bike would run, and how much longer it would last if they kept up with the recommended service intervals. 
Jodie: Which e-bike is 'yours'? What would a day on an e-bike in HR look like for you?
Dan: The Faraday Porteur. Its simple, clean, and sooo smooth. A Hood River E-bike adventure for me would start with a coffee and a bagel in town, and then a backroads cruise up to Parkdale for a lunch beer at Solera Brewery. Then I might have to make a few "Fruit Loop" stops on my way back down to town. Gotta "Treat Yo'self"!
Jodie: Mechanic certifications?
Dan: I am a DT Swiss certified wheelbuilder as well as a United Bicycle Institute certified suspension technician. Custom wheels are my specialty.
Jodie: Favorite bike movie?
Dan: Oh man, there are so many! "Seasons" from The Collective is definitely a top contender, and "Lifecycles" is just incredible cinematography, and you can't forget the whole "New World Disorder" series purely for the entertainment value.... Actually I don't think I have seen a bike movie that isn't a favorite.
Jodie: Thanks Dan!! We are stoked to have you on Team OEB!
Dan: Stoked to be here!

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