eMTB Trail Etiquette 101

eMTB Trail Etiquette 101

eMTB Trail Etiquette 101

Spring is upon us... the flowers are blooming and the trail riding is about to get epic! With great eMTB fun comes great responsibility. Whether you're hitting the trails for the first time or a seasoned pro, brushing up on etiquette basics will make us tiptop ambassadors for eMTBs and our trail access can continue to grow. 

1. Make sure e-bikes are allowed

Not every trail is e-bike friendly and the rules are frequently changing.  Head to these national resources to help you determine where to ride: 

  • PeopleForBikes - making it easy and accessible for everyone by working to create clear rules on how and where people can ride electric bicycles. 
  • TrailForks - a world-wide interactive database of trails where you can toggle to E-Bike-friendly trails (shown below). Download the app for easier on-trail navigation!

TrailForks eMTB Map Feature

2. Uphill rider has right of way

If you’re riding downhill, you yield to those riding uphill. If you stop, move yourself and your bike off the trail to make way for other riders.  Mountain bikers yield to horses and hikers.

3. Communicate clearly with other trail users

Offer a friendly greeting to everyone on the trail, but give extra warning if you’re approaching someone from behind and give them time to find a safe spot to let you by. 

4. Ride Happy!

Follow the etiquette tips above and you're guaranteed to have a great ride. For a deeper dive into proper trail etiquette, check out this handy resource from PeopleForBikes and share your fresh knowledge with all your riding buddies!

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