Electric Mountain Bike Showdown: Scott E-Spark 710 versus 730

Electric Mountain Bike Showdown: Scott E-Spark 710 versus 730

Review: Scott E-Spark 710 & 730

Electric Bike Showdown: Scott E-Spark 710 vs. 730 from Big Winds on Vimeo.


Jodie: Hey everybody Jodie and Matt here from Oregon E-Bikes. We've bought the brand new Scott E-Spark 710 and 730. $1,400 difference between these two bikes Matt and you're our resident expert. Tell us what's going on here.


Matt: There are certainly some differences, but there are also many similarities. Both bikes offer the really nice Scott frame and rear triangle as well as the Shimano drive system and battery. Both bikes have the Scott patented twin lock suspension tuning system where you can actually adjust both the front and rear suspension at the same time on the trail, so they've both got some great features.


Jodie: Oh, yeah. That all sounds awesome, so walk me through some of the differences now.


Matt: Sure, so, the 710s got a bit of an upgrade from the 730, so you've got upgraded suspension, such as the Fox 34 fork up front here. It's got a little bit wider stantion than the rock shocks does, so it gives it a bit more stiffness. You get a little bit more precision in your riding, so it's stronger and lighter and the same thing on the rear. Upgraded rear shock. You've got brakes, upgraded brakes with the Shimano XT. A little bit better stopping power and the drive train is also upgraded on the 710 with the Shimano XT derailer. 46 tooth cassette ring, so a little bit easier graded gear on this one. As well as Fox transfer dropper post, so you do have the adjustable seat on this that you don't have on the 730.

There are a few other minor things, but nothing major in performance. Both bikes are great riding bikes.


Jodie: So, tell me in terms of riding style Matt, who are these two bikes best suited for? What advice would you give to someone who's looking between the two?


Matt: Sure, I'd say they both, as I said, have great Shimano systems. I'd say with the 730 is a great entry level E-Mountain Bike. It can perform very well on sort of moderate trails. It'll be great even on the roads or on off-street riding gravel roads. The 710 is really for someone who wants sort of superior components and sort of better durability and a lighter bike. Someone that's going to enjoy a nicer ride. Maybe a little bit more advanced rider, might take on a little bit more technical terrain.


Jodie: Awesome, well I for one and I know you are too. I'm excited to get out and ride these guys and you can come ride them. We're open seven days a week here at Oregon E-Bikes and we'd love to get you out on the roads, on the trails and having a good time.


Matt: Free demos!


Jodie: Yeah, free demos is right! Come see us in downtown Hood River or give us a call at 888-509-4210.



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