E-Cargo Bike Spotlight: Yuba Spicy Curry Speed, City, and All Terrain

E-Cargo Bike Spotlight: Yuba Spicy Curry Speed, City, and All Terrain


Looking for a ride that can handle your groceries, furry friend, wiggly kids, and uphill battles? With its powerful motor, dual battery option, tons of customizations, and fun-to-ride frame, the Spicy Curry is a staff fave here at OEB. Let’s take a closer look at the three models available to discover which is perfect for you!


Yuba Spicy Curry Speed Electric Cargo Bike

1. NEW! Yuba Spicy Curry Speed

Get a whole new level of oomph with the Bosch Cargo Line Speed motor. Keep up with traffic on this Class 3 model that touts up to 28mph of electric assist! This new motor offering is designed specially for cargo bikes and enables load-controlled acceleration, even when starting off. 

Shop the Yuba Spicy Curry Speed $5,499

Yuba Spicy Curry V3 City  Electric Cargo Bike

2. Yuba Spicy Curry V3 City

The original Class 1 20 mph version of the Spicy Curry has been a favorite of cargo bike fans around the globe since 2015, the year it took home the Eurobike Product Innovation Gold Award. It’s only gotten better since as Yuba's been hard at work  improving the ride quality, technology, and safety features.

Shop the Yuba Spicy Curry V3 City $5,199

Yuba Spicy Curry AT (All Terrain) Electric Cargo Bike

3. Yuba Spicy Curry AT (All Terrain) 

The world’s first and only electric all-terrain cargo bike, the AT is a speed pedelec cargo bike for forest, lake and mountain. With the same Cargo Line Speed motor as the Speed model, burly off-road tires, and a suspension fork to smooth out the chunkiest terrain, this crossover bike has everything you need for all your pedal-powered adventures. If kicking off the week carting kids and groceries around a bustling downtown and finishing it with a weekend bikepacking trip in search of solitude sounds like a dream, this is the model for you!

Shop the Yuba Spicy Curry AT (All Terrain) $5,499

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