E-Cargo Bike Review: Riese & Müller Load 4 60 Front Loader

E-Cargo Bike Review: Riese & Müller Load 4 60 Front Loader

E-Cargo Bike Review: Riese & Müller Load 4 60 Front Loader

In the jam-packed world of electric bikes, finding the perfect ride that balances function, comfort, and performance can feel like a daunting task. We love sharing in-depth insights into our fave products to help you make the best decision and connect you with the perfect ebike for your needs. Here's an exclusive review of the Riese & Müller Load 4 60 HS Touring Front Loader crafted by one of our ebike aficionados, Amy.

1. The eBike: Riese & Müller Load 4 60 HS Touring

All Load 4's are extra safe and smooth with dual suspension and this specific testcenter model boasts the Bosch Kiox 500 display and 1450Wh Dual Battery upgrades. It also includes the GX Option for offroad-ready tires, a glove compartment and ABS 2.0 Brakes. 
  • "HS" denotes a "High Speed" Class 3 motor with assist up to 28mph
  • "Touring" denotes a traditional chain and derailleur drive system
Built just for you in Germany, you can design your one-of-a-kind Riese & Muller dream ride by choosing the color, motor style, battery, drivetrain, and accessories.

2. The Ride

Riding a front loader is quite a different experience compared to a traditional cargo bike, but it did not take much time to get the hang of it. For such a long bike, it rode quite well because Riese & Müller's attention to detail, engineering, and geometry is exceptional. I was in awe by how smooth the power transfer is smooth despite the weight and long wheelbase. The rear suspension was active during the entire ride and none of the usual niggly issues like jarring and wheel kicks popped up. It powered up the dirt climbs and the brakes modulated well on the dirt descents.  Pavement climbs were as easy as they should be on a quality bike. The Load 4 delivered the inherent joy in riding a well-crafted bicycle, tuning into the bike and finding flow with the bike as an extension of the body that we all look for when riding! 

Pomeranians riding in the Riese Muller Load 4 E-Cargo Bike

3. Who would absolutely LOVE this bike?

  • A family wanting to be car-free or own just one car.  
  • A pet owner who doesn't like leaving their pup(s) at home. This bike creates a feeling of safety and security regarding having pup(s) along on your ride. It is pretty special having your dogs up front. You get to enjoy the world through their eyes (just a bit) as they obviously see the world much differently. I also think dogs enjoy being able to watch you and feed off of your "I'm riding happy" energy. It is pretty special seeing the joy, love and trust they have in their eyes while you are pedaling along.
  • Someone who is tired of daily car trips, wants to simplify their existence, and is concerned about dependence on fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. 
  • Someone who is tired of the madness of automobile-crazed America and wants to enjoy their time out of the home in a more holistic and less hectic fashion. 

    4. Favorite Features

    I often used the cubby-hole "Glove Compartment" in the bottom of the cargo box for stashing goodies in an out of the way spot. The ABS brake system option is an excellent upgrade since the bike is long and heavy. The additional quick braking power without potential skids decreases a lot of stress for the inevitable oh-crap moments. The loud horn is a plus when you're in a car-dominated parking lot or road for an extra way to communicate your whereabouts. I would definitely opt for dual batteries for extra range to keep going and continue the joy! 
    Load 4 75

    Shop the Riese & Müller Load 4 60 here or the larger Load 4 75 here.

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