E-Bike Review: SCOTT Strike vs Genius eRide eMTBs

E-Bike Review: SCOTT Strike vs Genius eRide eMTBs

E-Bike Review: SCOTT Strike vs Genius eRide eMTBs

Built for performance with Swiss precision and head-turning aesthetics, SCOTT eMTBs are a favorite among the mountain bikers on our team. The big question... how do you choose between the Genius and Strike eRide models? Let's dive in! 

The Similarities

  • Bosch Gen 4 CX Motor with assist up to 20 mph and 5 modes
  • 625Wh Battery with a 500Wh Range Booster Option
  • TwinLoc Suspension System - the most efficient bike handling in any riding situation with the flip of a switch on your handlebars
  • 27.5" and 29" Wheel Compatibility

The Differences

The Genius touts a "performance" riding position - it's more aggressive and forward-leaning toward the handlebars to get more power from your glutes. 

  • 160mm Front Travel and 150mm Rear Travel

The Strike was built with a "comfort" riding position - it's more upright keeping the weight of your torso off your arms and wrists and requires less core work. SCOTT made a few simple tweaks on the Strike to achieve this:

  • Higher handlebar
  • 140MM of Front and Rear Travel
  • Ergonomic grips and saddle 

SCOTT Genius vs Strike eMTB Riding Position Differences


Now the real question is... which will you choose?!

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