E-Bike Review: NEW Gazelle Ultimate C8 vs C380

E-Bike Review: NEW Gazelle Ultimate C8 vs C380

E-Bike Review: NEW Gazelle Ultimate C8 vs C380

We are rolling into 2021 with two brand spankin' new e-bike models from Gazelle.  To say we've been anxiously awaiting their arrival would be an understatement! Let's dive into the tech we're most stoked about, the tried and true features, and the real question... which one is right for you?

The Similarities

Brand new to the Ultimate line-up and what we’re most stoked about: the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. Say hello to a smoother ride and goodbye to pesky chain issues and maintenance.  Seriously. No more dropped chains and no more chain to lube!

True to the rest of the Ultimate line, the C8 and C380 have front and seat suspension for top tier rider comfort on the bumps, integrated lights, fenders, comfortable saddle, and rear cargo rack.

The Differences

The Ultimate C8 is $3,499 and features the 8-speed Shimano Nexus gear system and Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

The C380 is $3,999 and features the Enviolo 380 trekking internal gear hub.  This stepless shifting creates an effortless riding experience on any terrain or hill.  With the Bosch Performance Line motor, this model boasts more power and torque than the C8. 

Ready to hit the road on the Ultimate C8 or C380? Order yours before they're gone or give us a call and we'll help find the perfect e-bike for you! 

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