E-Bike Review: Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500

E-Bike Review: Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500

E-Bike Review: Cube Touring Hybrid ONE 500

Whatever you're doing and wherever you're going, the Touring Hybrid ONE will get you there in tip top comfort with serious style points. Ding ding ding! Let's take a quick trip through our favorite features

With its powerful Bosch Generation 3 motor, Powertube battery and reliable, easy-to-use Shimano 9-speed gears, it'll make light work of any ride. Powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and full-length mudguards shrug off bad weather, and a 100mm suspension fork and wide, grippy tires make even rough city streets more comfortable to ride. Haul everything you need easily and safely with the luggage carrier. There's even an integrated lighting system, kickstand, and bell.  Let's go!

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Jodie and Bugs here from Oregon E-Bikes and this is the Cube Turing Hybrid One 500. Bugs, I've got to say, I've been eyeing this color as you know, online for months now. We just received the shipment and I think it looks better in person. I love those lime accents right there.

Yeah. So it looks great, but it actually also rides really well and that is thanks to the Bosch Active Line Plus Motor. You've got a Bosch power 500 watt hour battery. And you also just have the touch points that we see on a lot of these Cube hybrid-oriented bikes, a nice beefy tire that will handle well on pavement and gravel packed dirt roads, a nice front shock.

Also integrated lights, rear rack, and the Bosch Purion display. Tell me about the gearing, Bugs.

Yeah, they went with a Shimano 9-speed so you have plenty of gear range for any kind of adventure. Don't forget the cool bell, Jodie right next to the gear. Keeping you safe out there, too.

We have these in stock, but probably not for long. They're amazing. And they look great too. So come on down to check them out.

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