What's in Our Garage? Faraday Cortland Review

What's in Our Garage? Faraday Cortland Review

Matt makes a surprise visit to Jodie's garage, to see what she's riding and why.

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Faraday Cortland from Jodie Gates on Vimeo.


Matt: I'm from Oregon e-Bikes here. I'm out in front of Jodie Gates' garage. Why? Because I want to know what Jodie rides to work. She's the co-owner of Oregon e-Bikes. She can choose any bikes she wants, been to a lot of shows, tried just about every bike out there. Let's see what Jodie rides.

Matt: Oh, good morning, Jodie, it's the Faraday Cortland.

Jodie: Good morning, Matt!

Matt: Look at this beauty.

Jodie: Oh yeah. Isn't she?

Matt: And why did you choose the Faraday Cortland as your bike of choice?

Jodie: Good question. And for me, it really came down to three things. So, the first thing that I noticed, of course, was the look. I mean, the design elements in here are just super cool. You've got the steam-bent bamboo fenders.

Matt: Beautiful.

Jodie: You've got the pretty color. They kept everything really simple in the design, so you have kind of an analog version versus some of the other digital control screens.

Matt: Yeah, no screens!

Jodie: Exactly. I really just felt like this was such a beautiful, simple, elegant bike. The second thing that I really liked was the technology on it. A lot of people will look at this and ... you know, they have to do triple take at first to know that's even an e-Bike, but they see this and they think the battery is right here. When in reality, they've actually got the battery down here in the down tube. So, it keeps it really compact. It's actually the most powerful battery given its size on the market. It still can boost you up the hills while it just is really sleek. And then, right here, you've got the controller, which you can ... you've got three different assist levels, you can boost up the hills, you can throttle back.

Jodie: And then, the other things that are super cool about the Cortland, in particular, versus the Cortland S, it's got the gates carbon belt drive here and the internal shifting hub, which leads to a super smooth ride and also takes away that maintenance factor of having to lube a chain, worry about a chain falling of, that sort of thing.

Matt: And you can shift standing still.

Jodie: Exactly! If you're at a stop sign needing to get out in front of traffic ... so, it's a nice safety feature as well. And then, the last thing I love about the Faradays in general are just their weight. They are the lightest weight e-Bike that we've got in the shop. They ride just like a normal bike. And so, even if you don't have the assist on, you can still have a blast cruising around.

Matt: We don't want to keep you. You're going to get off to work.

Jodie Gates: Yeah. I gotta go.

Matt: Thank you so much. Faraday Cortland, here at Oregon e-Bikes, check them out, give us a call if any questions.



  1. Jodie Gates Jodie Gates

    Thanks so much Kim! Great to connect with you, and I hope you are LOVING your new ride! :)

  2. Kimberly (Choan) Wood-Saldana Kimberly (Choan) Wood-Saldana

    Jodie! co-Owner! No wonder the customer service was so good last night!!!! Thanks so much!

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