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Shipping Policy

Ready-To-Ride Shipping

Our free shipping policy applies to the purchase of any regularly priced bike, excluding cargo bikes. It is honored anywhere in the contiguous United States, but with a twist. While many companies ship e-bikes partially (read: barely) assembled straight from the factory, our professional mechanic puts your e-bike together and test rides it before it ships to you. No missing parts, no complex manuals, and no spendy visit to a nearby bike shop for assembly that's required by many online retailers. When your e-bike arrives from us, simply pop on the front wheel, handlebars and pedals (tools provided), and ride happy.

White Glove Treatment

Meet Chelsea, our shipping specialist. With her white gloves, rolls of bubble wrap, and her hydraulic lift, she’s delivered 500+ oversize items with a 99% success rating. When she seals your e-bike in its dual density padded box with a kiss, your e-bike is riding first class, minus the mimosas.  

Timely Deliveries

You’re excited about your e-bike, and we are too. That’s why we’ll have your bike pre-assembled, packed and on its way as soon as possible. You will find estimations on individual product pages for ship dates, and for approximate transit times once your bike leaves our store, see table below.




Orders Outside of the Contiguous US?

We have 30 years of experience negotiating with shipping carriers for the best rate. And yep, our ready-to-ride assembly applies. Call or email us for a quote.

This is crazy, why do you offer such a great service?

At Oregon e-bikes, our ethos is ride happy. On the road, riding happy is easy. It’s the getting there that’s tricky, and why we do things differently.