5 Signs Your E-Bike Needs Some Love

5 Signs Your E-Bike Needs Some Love

5 Signs Your E-Bike Needs Some Love

Love is in the air and riding season is just around the corner. From clunks to squeals to sluggish squish, Brendon's here to translate the ways your e-bike's telling you it needs TLC before you get back out there.  


1. Funky Brakes

Are they feeling extra squishy? Fresh brake pads or a bleed service should solve it. Squealing or grinding up a storm? A little rotor contamination could be the culprit. 

2. Sloppy Shifting

It's just not shifting like it used to! Whether gear changes are lagging gear or it's just refusing to go into certain gears, your chain is the first place to check for wear and tear. Next is the cassette or a derailleur adjustment. 

3. It's Just Nasty!

A clean bike is a happy bike. Road grime and trail grit takes a toll on your e-bike's components over time, so it's a good idea to give it a deep clean. Every bike that comes into our shop for service gets a fresh detail job so it's returned to you sparkling and looking like a new ride.

4. Sad Suspension

Your eMTB's squish performance affects your experience more than you might think. If things are feeling off, sluggish, clunky, or just plain sad out on the trail, it could be time for a suspension service. RockShox recommends service every 50 riding hours and a complete overhaul be done between 100-200 hours.

5. Worn Out Rubber

Check where rubber meets the road (or trail) for signs of wear and tear. The rear tire will typically wear more quickly than your front so you don't always have to replace both at once. If you are getting a fresh set of e-bike shoes, consider these excellent bang for your buck upgrades:

  • eMTB: Consider getting a tubeless upgrade to shed extra weight and reduce the possibility of a dreaded flat out. Ride with lower tire pressure, adding to your comfort and increasing your grip. When it comes to eMTB upgrades, it's one of the best investments to keep you Riding Happy! 
  • Commuter, Cargo, Touring, Road: Tannus Armour Tire Liners can virtually eliminate flat tires. Like a helmet for your tubes, they eliminate 90% of punctures, protect your rims, and in the unlikely event that you do get a flat, can keep you riding for a limited period of time.   

We are TLC Experts. Our Bosch-Certified Team has extensive experience with e-bikes and is passionate about getting yours riding like a dream. Schedule a service appointment today!

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