Get fewer flats with Tannus Armour Tire Liners

Get fewer flats with Tannus Armour Tire Liners

Fewer flats with Tannus Armour Tire Liners 

Few things throw a wrench in your adventure like a flat tire.  By upgrading to the Tannus Armour Tire Liners, you can almost kiss them goodbye! Like a helmet for your tubes, they eliminate 90% of punctures, protect your rims, and in the unlikely event that you do get a flat, can keep you riding for a limited period of time.  

We're now offering this upgrade for $100! Price includes labor with new e-bike purchase. Shop our selection of e-bikes at and you'll be prompted to upgrade when you add your dream ride to your cart! 

We recommend this upgrade to all of our customers except those hitting the trails.  For eMTB's, consider the Tubeless Tire Upgrade.

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