Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario
Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario
Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario
Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario
Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario
Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario

Riese & Muller '24 Nevo4 GT Vario

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The Nevo4 is every rider's dream. Friendly, comfortable and consistent.

A striking design and outstanding riding comfort: the Nevo4 is the thoroughbred all-rounder for everyday riding. Its striking frame design with a low step-through ensures comfortable handling in any situation. The bike’s powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor and fully integrated 625 Wh battery get you safely to your destination. And you can now complete longer trips with ease, thanks to the optional 750 Wh battery.

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Nevo4. Available Options

Kiox 300 cockpit


The Kiox 300 display is perfectly integrated into the cockpit: the internal cabling creates a tidy, minimalist appearance. The adjustable angle of the stem lets you choose between a sportier or more upright seating position. The Kiox 300 display is perfect for sporty riders: it displays more than just fitness data, helping riders to optimise their training. It is even possible to pair it with heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. Map-free navigation (only in conjunction with a smartphone) completes the features of the Kiox 300. It can be intuitively operated using the LED Remote on the handlebars.

750 Wh battery


Comfort kit


The perfect option for anyone wanting to ride in greater comfort: the classically curved handlebars and wider saddle enable you to sit comfortably in an upright position.


GX option


If you like riding your E-Bike off-road, then simply equip it with first-class Schwalbe Johnny Watts all-terrain tires (26": Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus). Their flat tire studs in the middle of the running surface have extremely low rolling resistance for faster riding on straight sections. The solid tire studs on the shoulders of the tire guarantee exceptional grip, particularly when cornering.


Bosch eBike ABS 2.0


The Bosch eBike ABS 2.0 ensures that you remain safely on the saddle even when you need to brake suddenly – on solid asphalt roads or gravel tracks. It prevents tires from slipping, the rear wheel lifting and the whole bike skidding out to the side.

Please note: This option is compatible with GT models.

Front carrier


Being sporty when out and about – and yet still having everything you need with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front carrier, fixed to the frame and hence co-sprung, perfectly protected from knocks and bumps. Bungee cords secure a sleeping bag, small sports bag or provisions in place in no time at all. And you’ll come to appreciate your front luggage carrier just as quickly.


Front carrier with bag


Keep on the move and still have everything with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front carrier, which is fixed to the frame and hence benefits from the bike’s full suspension, perfectly protecting your cargo from knocks and bumps. The bag offers space for a volume of up to 18 litres. Thanks to the zipper and roll closure, your transported goods are perfectly protected from dirt and rain. The bag can be removed quickly and easily and becomes a shoulder bag using the strap supplied. You can safely store smaller items in the two outer pockets equipped with waterproof zippers.

The headlight is fitted to the handlebar as standard, so that the light illuminates the road ahead as you turn the handlebar. On request, the headlight can also be fitted to the front luggage carrier. This alternative mounting position also guarantees outstanding illumination of the road ahead, thanks to the powerful headlight.

Additional chain bag with lock


The sturdy Abus chain lock, in addition to the Abus Shield frame lock, provides twice the security for your E-Bike. The 130 cm long chain is latched onto the frame lock and you can quickly lock your bike to the nearest lamppost or lock it together with up to three other bikes. The chain thickness of 6 mm ensures a high level of anti-theft protection. Especially practical: frame lock, chain lock and battery lock all use the same key. The bag is firmly attached to the saddle and allows quick and easy removal of the chain lock thanks to its ergonomic shape and Fidlock magnetic closure. Please note: for smaller frame sizes the lowest saddle position may not be usable when the lock bag is fitted.


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