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White Glove Treatment!
Meet the husband-wife Dream Team behind your bike, Ollie and Jenn. Regardless of which shipping option you choose, Ollie first ensures your bike is purring before handing it off to Jenn for her white glove treatment. She’s delivered countless oversize items with a 99% success rating. When she seals your e-bike in its box with a kiss, your e-bike is riding first class, minus the mimosas.  

Jen and Ollie

Ready-to-Ride Shipping - $200.
Our ready-to-ride shipping program is a win-win. Your bike will come with the front wheel and handlebars installed, and you'll just need to twist the handlebars upright, tighten the stem bolts, and install your pedals (see video tutorial below). This is a subsidized rate of $200 within the continental U.S., covering both the build fee and shipping fee for your new e-bike - and saving you any additional assembly fees, time and hassle.

Electric cargo bikes

Cargo e-bikes ship Ready-to-Ride for a subsidized rate of $300 (longtails only), and front-loading e-cargo bikes ship by quote. Jenn works miracles!

Riese & Müller bikes - Free.

If you do not have a Riese & Müller dealer within 100 miles of your home, give us a call! You'll be automatically enrolled in the Ready-to-Ride shipping option, at no charge. Enjoy a savings of $200+, and get riding as soon as possible! Excludes Riese & Müller front-loading cargo bikes (the Load and Packster series).

Timely Deliveries

You’re excited about your e-bike, and we are too. That’s why we’ll have your bike packed and on its way as soon as possible. You will find estimations on individual product pages for ship dates, and for approximate transit times once your bike leaves our store, see table below.

shipping map
At Oregon e-bikes, our ethos is ride happy. On the road, riding happy is easy. It’s the getting there that’s tricky, and why we do things differently. 

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